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The Valley
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Click for info about Nordfjord Folkemuseum

Click for the website of Sunnfjord Museum

Nordfjord Folkemuseum  is located at Sandane about 60 km to the north.

Sunnfjord Museum is located at a very scenic site on the shore of the lake Movatnet, 5-6 km southwards along the road to the regional centre Foerde.

Click for information about Kystmuséet i Sogn og Fjordane

Click for information about Norsk Bremuseum

Kystmuseet i Sogn og Fjordane (coastal museum)  is located in the costal town of Floroe, about 1.5 hours by car westwards.

Norsk Bremusuem (glacier museum) you'll find one hour drive eastwards to Fjaerland - partly on a road beneath the glacier Jostedalsbréen,the biggest glacier on the European mainland.

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