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I close my eyes and feel like it was back in the day.
- - John Popper

click pic 4 nifty Noble Savage in Kentucky site

A noble savage walks the Trail of Tools.


Casey, our NW neighbor, shows us his enhanced lawn tractor.  Aside from is 'playa paintjob,' what's under the hood will blow your mind:  overhead cams, glass pack exhaust and the mowing deck expands the wing kit that can sustain mach 4.  With a munitions payload capacity of 2 sidewinder missles per side, a 20,000 round minigun, US General Tommy Franks drafted Casey and his mower to assist as wingman for the Khandahar Apache Gunship Squad.  Seeing Casey off to the train station, he told reporters, "I'm not a hero; I'm just doing my job."  Godspeed, neighbor.


Ballcock:  it's the float valve assembly in your toilet tank.
Cockvalve:  it's the valve under a compressor to drain tank condensation.
Peacock:  it's what's for dinner.


Being color blind, the cows often find themselves the butt of Harold's cruel humor. Here, he's asking them if they like the new candle apple red paint job on his Ford.


Happy Valentines!





Freaky Archives

Photos here are from our initial renovation from June to October 1995.


June 1995 -- Missy's first toolbelt.  Photo taken from the old living room looking towards the kitchen.  The front door is to her immediate left, and yes, that's the dining table in front of the door. 


July 2002 -- The smaller window is above the kitchen sink, and the larger ones are what is now the "old patio doors" (adjacent to the addtion patio doors).  To take a photo of this perspective now, I would be hovering in the basement stairwell.


June 2002 -- This is the same wall of the house as above, but looking the other way towards the shop (prior to shop demotion, residing and greenhouse construction).  Although the tall grass obscures the sloping grade between the buildings, it is that slope where our retaining walls now stand.


June 1995 -- Light blue and mold were the styles of our bathroom when we bought the joint.  Not visible, is the bathroom window in the upper right-hand corner.  A window in a shower stall without tile is generally a bad idea.  Here's a funny tidbit:  I put the bathtub in the driveway before our dumpster got here, and a fellow who lives past our house stopped by to ask if he could have it.  He said it would make a fine water trough for his livestock, and he was willing to mow our yard for it.  I assured him his hauling-off of that debris was overpayment, but he mowed our yard anyway.  At that time, you should know, our yard had not been mowed in over a year.  As he said he would, this fellow pushed mowed ~1/2 acre of 2' tall grass and 3' Locust sapplings.  That's what makes this area God's Country.

July 2002 -- Looking towards the same corner in the bathroom today.


June 2002 -- Standing between the front door and dining table looking towards the far corner in the living room.  Those right-hand windows are where we put the initial patio door.  The ceiling height was 7'9" throughout, plus, the center beam and posts were a total nuisance for tall folk.  The house was originally built with a flat roof, then 4 years prior to our buying it, the owners had a pitched roof built atop the old one.  Well, that had to change.  The tall folk, think of them.

September 1995 -- That's my dad in front of the same far, living room corner pitured above.  Missy and I spent a whole month cutting out the old, flat roof and joining the newer pitched roof rafters to the exterior, block walls.  New ceiling height:  10'3".  Hence, the standard height for the addition ceilings. 


June 2002 -- Plates gone unwashed for a year adorned the kitchen when we bought the house.

July 2002 -- That same perspective today.


Using Broderbund's 3D Home Architect (click picture for link), this floorplan shows the house's arrangement upon our purchase.  Note the similarities in floor space for the bedrooms, bath and utility rooms.  


This was the basic plan to which renovated the house in '95.  We gave the bedroom priority for floor space by taking square feet from the other bedroom (making it into an office) and the bathroom.  It's still small, but offers more functionality.


This is the basic floorplan I'm now using for the 1st floor addition.


The toilet walls and the bedroom entry walls have been tweaked, but the rest of the second story plan is pretty accurate.