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1993 MESSAGE First Message to Allan in 1993

1994 MESSAGES Mar/July 94 Aug/Dec 94
1995 MESSAGES Jan/June 95 July/Dec 95
1996 MESSAGES Jan/June 96 July/Dec 96
1997 MESSAGES Jan/June 97 July/Dec 97
1998 MESSAGES Jan/March 98 last messages

!!! WE NEED HELP !!!

Thank you for your love offering for the apparition site. Your assistance helps us to continue forward in the apostolate Jesus and Mary entrusted to us all.

The Public Apparitions has come to an end this 25 March 1998. This affords us more time to pursue other projects such as missions to the various provinces, produce more Rosaries, Medals, Scapulars, the video documentary, apparition site assistance, publication of the messages and others. In this regard, your love offerings are greatly appreciated. We hope you will be able to assist us and be with us in this mission.

For more details please contact Glenn Talaue.

God bless and keep you always.

"Photo of Apparition Tree during the apparition of Our Lord Jesus Christ to Allan Rudio on 6 March 1998"

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