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"Prepare ye the way for the coming of the Lord." (Matt. 3:3.)

As we share the Christmas season, let us recognize that the coming of the Lord is threefold: as the babe of Bethlehem, as Lord in the hearts and lives of individuals who receive Him, and as the King of Kings in clouds of glory at the end of this age.
The instructions below are the original instructions from the book. The tree and symbols on this website can be downloaded and printed. Color printers will allow you to have the symbols for your Jesse tree. You may consider using magnets on your frig' or some other method of displaying your "Real Christmas Tree"

Make a banner 16" x 28" of burlap or felt. Cut from green felt
the tree pattern. Glue the tree to the banner. Cut the symbols
from white felt or from felt of any desired colors. Each day
attach one symbol to the tree. They will stick to the tree
without a pin if a strip of Velcro is affixed to the back of each
symbol. Sew a casing along the top of the banner, then push
dowel rod, 18" long, through the casing. A heavy cord tied to
the ends of the dowel works as a hanger for your banner.
To remove the Jesse Tree pattern from the center of the book,
carefully open the staples and lift off the pattern. Then
securely fasten the staples to preserve your book.
Ornament patterns should be traced.

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