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Russell Autry from Harriet, Arkansas owns 1978 Dynafoil 440, VIN# DYN003980478 
Russell found his Dynafoil at his boss's house shoved off the trailer and laying in the bushes. His boss had used the trailer for something else, but gave it to Russell also.  The trailer needs the bunks and one wheel replaced.  There's not much history on the Dynafoil.  It did run when his boss bought it, but his boss has never taken it to the lake.
The Dynfoil appears to be number 398, built in the 4 year of production, 1978.  It is the 440 model and has the later, one piece cast aluminum rear strut with 3 "fences" on the rear strut's foil.  The earlier 1977 models had only 2 fences and a rear strut that was made of 4 main components.
The hull is in great shape and the entire Dynafoil appears to be intact, except the rear planes are both missing along with their adjustment struts.