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Are you wondering what makes a Dynafoil...
...a Dynafoil? 

Production Facility Location:
Dynafoil, Inc
881 West 16th St.
Newport Beach, CA 
(Webmaster's note:  The building is still there, occupied by different tenants of course.  See the History page for a photo.) 
Purchase Price:
In 1976               $1,995.00 for the 340 Model
                             $2,495.00 for the 440 Model
Production Dates:
Production was scheduled to begin in August 1974 and ran through 1980.  The latest build date I have confirmed is August of 1980 when Dynafoil number 527 was built.
Production Figures:
Just over 500 Dynafoils were built, and there appears to be no way of knowing how many were 340's or 440's.  There were several model changes, one of which included an elongated seat and non-removeable engine cover to better carry 2 passengers.
According to a HIN (Hull Identification Number) I've received from fellow owner Scott Smith in Miami, FL, his Dynafoil #527 was built in August, 1980.  It is likely to be one of the very last ever built.

Technical Specifications:
Prop                           3 bladed 9x9 Johnson/OMC 25hp pin drivealuminum PJ-19 Michigan Wheel propeller with bonded hub 
Engine                        Reed Valve, 2 cylinder, 2 cycle, Water Cooled
Horsepower                26hp (models with 340cc engine)
                                          36hp (models with 440cc engine)
Ignition                       Pointless CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition)Flywheel magneto
Carburetion                 Single Mikuni Type VM-34 round slide carburetor
Carburetor options       Single Walbro WRA-30 (models with 340cc engine)
                                           Single Walbro WDA-6 (models with 440cc engine)It's also possible to fit a WD-6 Walbro Carb, Dual VM-34 or 38 Mikuni's can also be fitted and will greatly improve performance
Fuel Capacity              5 gallons
Hull Width                   42"
Hull Length                 86"
Hull Height                      32"(Keel to deck)
                                          40"(Keel to handlebars)
Hydrofoil System         2 point, in line, fully retractible
Surface Sensing           Passive Mechanical, integral with front strut
Steering                      Front strut
Static Draft                     14" with foils up
                                          32" with foils down
Foilborne Draft            16"
Foilborne Speed          10-12mph
Speed                        30mph cruising  Top speed at 7,200rpm with a 9x9 prop is approximately 31-32mph.
Range at 30mph         65 miles
Weight(dry)                  350lbs
Noise Level                82 DBA at 50' under full throttle operation
Number of riders        1 or 2
Average fuel consumption at 25mph:
                                        1-1/2gph(models with 340 engine)
                                        2-1/2gph(models with 440 engine)
Construction Materials:
Hull                            Fiberglass
Floatation                   600lbs of positive floatation via 2lb density  polyurethane expandable foam
Hydrofoils                  Cast Aluminum 356-T6
Rear Strut                  Aluminum 6061-T6
Front Strut                 Fiberglass over wood with Aluminum 356-T for front sensing housing
Drive Train                 17-4ph h 1150 Stainless Steel