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The original Dynafoil Page:
"BJ" Meinhardt had a webpage dedicated to the Dynafoil long before I started this website or even knew what a Dynafoil was for that matter.  He's been a tremendous and very patient source of knowledge about them and his page inspired me to create this site
The International Hydrofoil Society's Website:
Just like the website says, "All hydrofoils, All the time." 

The Dutch Hydrofoil Website:
This is an excellent website dedicated to the hydrofiols of the Netherlands and run by hydrofoil Captain Mark van Rijzen.  

Michigan Wheel Propellers:
Michigan Wheel Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, makes the only correct 25hp Johnson pin drive aluminum propeller for our Dynafoils.  $65 + shipping. 
Call them to place an order at: (616)452-6941


Digital Tachometers:

Design Technology, Inc. makes a fantastic digital tachometer.   This is a small rectangular box about 1" x 3" and 1/2" thick.  It will velcro nicely right to the flat space between the handlebars where they mount to the front strut.  The single electrical cable will follow the throttle cable right into the engine compartment where an eyelet connector attaches to the engine via the screw in the top cover of the water pump (near the cylinder head) and the stiff red lead will wrap 4 times around each of your spark plug wires.  Takes about 10min to install, looks great and is water proof.  It also includes a resetable hour meter (hobbsmeter) so you can keep track of when maintanence is due, etc. $35.

Order model number:  TT226R-1C




The only personal watercraft that even comes close in comparison to the Dynafoil is the infamous Wetbike built from 1978 to 1992.  Check out the current Wetbike craze on a fantastic website, and enjoy some huge mpeg movies of them and other vintage watercraft in action. 


Canadian PWC:

Want to see what's happening on the PWC scene in Canada?  Check out their big website.