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Aug. 2012
  • Dynafoil No. 108, built in July 1975 has been located in Newman, CA, in the hands of Mike Le Gate.  Mike has both the owner's and service manual, and the original bill of sale.  He's beginning work to restore the machine and is planning on upgrading to a Kawasaki Jetski or Yamaha PWC engine with electric start.

Aug. 2012
  • Cele Carnicer in Corrientes, Argentina has located and recovered Dynafoil #526, from a storage facility that used to belong to a boat dealership.  The Dynafoil is a super rare July 1980 model with seating for 2.  It is one of the last 2 Dynafoils known to be built.  #527, built in August 1980 is in Florida with Scott Smith.

Mar. 2012
  • Peter Normington in Co. Wicklow, Ireland has located and recovered Dynafoil #225 from an automotive wrecking yard (called a "breakers" in Ireland) and has begun the restoration process.  No.225 was built in May 1976.

Mar. 2011
  • Tim Adler of Kingston, TN just purchased Dynafoil number 312 from it's original owner.  It's a 440 model, and Tim is planning a conversion to a 650cc Kawasaki JetSki engine due to the condition of the 440.

Mar. 2009
  • Thanks to Josh Jensen for sending a copy of an original bill of sale for a Dynafoil and trailer.  It's been added to the History page.

Apr. 2008
  • I'm in the process of updating the Parts Sources information with actual part numbers for bearings, seals, and other parts needed for restoration and maintenance.

Mar. 2008
  • Thanks to Mike at Canadian PWC for sending me the fantastic YouTube link to a clip of Batman and Robin on wetbikes, chasing "Mordu" on a black Dynafoil! See it on the Movie Gallery page.

Jan. 2008
  • Thanks to my brother Tori, the Dynafoil Forum is finally up and running.  Come visit us! 
  • Let's start off the year right by locating 5 orange Dynafoils! 

#221 Orange built in May of 1976.  Found about a year ago in the Cincinatti, Ohio region and just purchased by Dynafoil owner Josh Jensen, in Cincinatti.

#340 Orange built in August 1977.  Was in Lake Elsinore, California and is now in my back yard being restored.

#364 Orange built in January 1978.  Is still in Adelaide, South Australia along with #370 and still owned by the same person who imported them in 1978.

#370 Orange built in February 1978.

#424 Orange built in May 1978 is in Aguanga, California.

Dec. 2007
  • Added information about purchasing stainless pivot pins for the front surface sensing linkage and information on purchasing the PTO water pump impeller to the Parts Sources page. 
  • Added a great photo of the assembly line to the History page.  My thanks to Dynafoil design and production engineer Jerry English for sharing that, and to my brother Tori for making a scan of it.
  • Added more big movies to the Movie Gallery page thanks to my brother Tori for setting up his camera, editing and then posting them to the web.

Nov. 2007
  • Added information about purchasing new Clutch Dogs for the PTO Gear Box to the Parts Sources page.
  • Added Brad Spears 1977 Dynafoil, #340, to the Hull ID Numbers page.  Turns out the sister boat, #341, lives in Tampa, FL.
  • Added Sean Nutter's 1976 Dynafoil, #166 to the Hull ID Numbers page.
  • Owner Tori Miller (my brother) road his Dynafoil for the first time ever on Saturday November 17th!
  • Finally got around to adding some new video to the Movie Gallery page.  This was shot by my brother, Tori, last year and the ending is a bit out of control.  Man, was the lake choppy that day!

Sept. 2007
  • Added De Anna Smith's newly discovered Dynafoil #238 to the Hull Numbers page.  Looking forward to hearing more from De Anna who says they bought a home and in an out building was the Dynafoil!  Amazing! 

May 2007
  • Added a photo of my brother Tori and his 1977 Dynafoil to the Dynafoil Owners page.
  • Time to dust off the Dynafoil and get it back in the water!  Looking forward to a fun riding season.

May 2006
  • Dynafoil season has begun with a new string of problems.  Read more on My 1977 Dynafoil page.

April 2006
  • Dynafoil #155 has been located in Michigan.  Not currently running, but the owner tells me it was originally purchased by the original owner from inventor David Cline.   I'm looking forward to hearing more about it and seeing some photos.
Feb. 2006
  • I have been lucky enough to meet an original Dynafoil owner.  Jack Holtwick of southern California emailed me and then stopped by for a visit!  He purchased 3 440's in 1976, new Inventor Dave Cline, Service Manager Mike English, and Demonstration Rider Mike Reuse!  He was even filmed with Mike English doing jumps and other stunts.   I've added Jack to the Dynafoil Owners page as well as to the Hull ID Numbers.
  • Thanks to photographer Patrick Trautfield of San Luis Obispo I've added some great new pictures to the Photo Gallery page.  Check out my most recent flight on Feb. 11th.
  • Did the Dynafoil make it's television debut on the daytime game show, "The Price Is Right?"  Find out on the History page!
  • Dynafoil's #131, 219, 247 & 362 have been located in southern California in the care of  Jack Holtwick. 
  • We've now located 27 Dynafoils, only about 5 or 6 of which are flying.
Dec. 2005
  • Happy Holidays to everyone!  Thanks for all the Dynafoil fun and friendship over the past year!
  • Updated the Parts Sources page to include the "L" handle quick release aircraft hitch pins for the front strut, as well as the bronze bushings for the front strut foil pivot linkage and the nylon bushings that the water sensing flappers and front foils ride against as they move. (What a huge difference replacing these bushings have made in the ride and steering!  Amazing!)
  • Added Dynafoil owner Tommy Sciortino to the Dynafoil Owners page. Check out his photos by clicking on his picture!
Nov. 2005
  • The Parts Sources page is finally done.  From props to duckbill drains, here's where you'll find parts information on almost everything you need to bring your Dynafoil back to life and keep it that way.
  • Josh Jensen in Cincinnati, OH, is nearly finished with his restoration and should be on the water by the end of the and weather permitting.
  • Tommy in Tampa Florida is done with his and has taken them out on the water.  I'm expecting a report with photos soon!
  • On November 25th this website is 1 year old.  Many thanks to all who have contributed photos, stories, knowledge and information to help bring this site together and keep my, and many other Dynafoils alive!  In a year's time we now have 7 Dynafoils flying and know the whereabouts of nearly 30!
  • I've added a new movie to the Movie Gallery page.  It's a big 54mb worth.  If you've got DSL, it'll come right up and play.  If you're still on dial up, save it to your hard drive and then play it from there.   You'll get to see a pair of 80's vintage wetbikes in action too!

Sept. 2005
  • Dynafoil #318 has been purchased from Ron Kesler in Santa Rosa, CA by Josh Jensen in Cincinnati, OH.  Josh contacted me several months ago after visiting my website and getting the Dynafoil bug.   When Ron contacted me, asking if I knew anyone looking for a Dynafoil, I knew Josh was the perfect buyer.  Josh has received the boat and the restoration work has begun.  Josh is a talented and avid pwc rider/rebuilder, so look for some "action" shots of Josh in the near future!
  • Dynafoil #174 and it's sister, still mounted on their side-by-side trailer have been located in Michigan where the original owner, now 80 years old, still had them.  They are in remarkable shape and have been purchased by Mark McCoy in Florida after he emailed me and asked if I knew of any for sale anywhere.  Mark has closed the deal and should be in possesion of them by the end of the month!

July 2005
  • Created the Patent Documents page after Dynafoil enthusiast Larry Bigay sent me the complete 8 page document.  Way to go Larry!!
  • Boat Number 379 has been located in Sacramento, California with owner Joe Kearney.

June 2005
  • Created a new Dynafoil Movie Gallery page and thanks to BJ Meinhardt for hosting these 15sec mpeg movies for me.  Enjoy!
  • Added 2 pictures to the Photo Gallery page.  Thanks to my friend Brian Goad and my brother Tori for taking those.
  • Added a bit of an update to My 1977 Dynafoil page since quite a bit has been going on lately.  Sort of been in Dynafoil hell the last 2 months, but it was my own fault, and a great learning experience.
  • Added information on Propco a prop manufacturer to the Related Links page.  So if you need a new prop, there you go.
  • Added information on buying a cool little waterproof digital tachometer/hours meter to the Related Links page.
  • Created the Technical Advice page.  I'll be doing quite a bit of updating to this page in the next few weeks so stay tuned!
  • Added a fantastic wheelie photo to the Photo Gallery page. Thanks to my brother Tori for his skillful use of my Sony Mavica *brick of a digital camera*.
  • Dynafoil's #318 and #380 have been located in Santa Rosa, California!  Thanks to owner Ron Kesler for emailing me, and chatting with me on the phone!  Hope to get the build dates from them and some photos soon.

April 2005
  • Dynafoil #278, an orange model built in July 1976 has just been located in Arlington, South Dakota.  Thanks to owner Bob Meyer for writing in with that info and for purchasing a copy of the Parts & Service Manual.  I'm hoping get some photos of it soon.   
March 2005
  • Thanks to Russell Autry, I now have an original Dynafoil Dealership Parts & Repair Manual.  I've made copies and they are now available.  See the Parts & Service Manual page for details.
  • Also thanks to Russell Autry, I now have an original Dynafoil Dealership movie projector with one Super 8 movie installed.  The movie is in color and is 5min long.  In it, factory demonstration rider Mike Reuse rides a white Dynafoil with a female passenger, and they even tow another gal on a single ski.  I'm working on getting this transfered to a digital tape master, color corrected and then having DVD's burned.  They should be available this month.
  • Just received photos of Dynafoil #491, which is somewhere here in California and was found at a Goodwill Charity donation center.  This is a sister boat to #492 and #493 that were recently found and purchased by Russell Autry and Al Hayes!  It's been added to the Hull ID Numbers page.
  • Dynafoils #266 and #341 have just been located in Illinois, and purchased by Tommy Sciortino in Tampa, FL.  Tommy has just received them and says they are in great/rideable condition!  #266 is yellow and #341 is orange.  They've been added to the Hull ID Numbers page and I hope to have photos soon.
  • Dynafoils #274 and #329 have just been located in Greenbrae, California (San Fransisco Bay Area) and are owned by Fred Chattey  #274 is yellow and #329 is orange and is still "flying."  They've been added to the Hull ID Numbers page and I hope to have photos soon.
  • Added former Dynafoil saleman, Don Williams' story to the Memories page.
  • Added some manufacturing information to the History page.
  • Dynafoil #106 has just been located in the Dallas, Texas area and has been added to the Hull ID Numbers page.

February 2005
  • Dynafoils #400 and #401 have been found and purchased by "BJ" Meinhardt of St. Louis, MO.  They've been added to the growing list on the Hull ID Numbers page. "BJ" already owns 4 Dynafoils and is purchasing these 2 and possibly a 3rd from owner Scott Smith in Miami, FL.

January 2005
  • Created the Dynafoil Owners page to showcase other Dynafoil owners and their crafts.
  • Created the Hull ID Numbers page to decode the Dynafoil hull numbers and include a table listing the remaining Dynafoils and their locations.
  • Corrected information on the Specifications page thanks to Scott Smith in documenting that he ownes Dynafoil #527 built in August 1980.
  • Sister Dynafoil's No. 492 & 493 have been located for sale in Alabama by Russell Autry.  They have been purchased by Russell Autry in Arkansas and Al Hayes in Tennesse.  I've added them both to the Hull ID Numbers page.

December 2004

  • Updated the History page with Inventor David J. Cline's information
  • Created the Memories page including a new story from Al Hayes 

November 2004

  • November 25, 2004.  This site is created.