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Meet some current Dynafoil owners 

Click for more photos!
1977 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN003080377
Owner: Todd Miller from San Luis Obispo, CA (webmaster)
(This is boat number 308 built in March, 1977)

Click for high res photos of Scott riding!

1980 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN005270880
Owner: Scott Smith from Miami, FL. 
(This is a very unique Dynafoil in that it is one of the last ever built.  As such, it has the much longer seat to fit 2 riders and no "hinged" engine cover.)

Click for Russell's page!

1978 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN003980478
Owner: Russell Autry from Harriet, AR
(This is boat number 398 and was built in April, 1978)

Click here for more photos of Tommy's Dynafoils

1977 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN003410877
Owner: Tommy Sciortino from Tampa, FL.

Click to see a photo of Jack riding!

1976 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN001310176
Owner: Jack Holtwick, southern California

First ride on his Dynafoil Nov 17 2007

1977 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN003480977
Owner: My brother Tori Miller from Grover Beach, CA
(This is boat number 348 built in Sept, 1977)

Click for more views of Josh and his Dynafoil

1977 Dynafoil 440
HIN # DYN0031080377
Owner: Josh Jensen from Cincinatti, OH
(This is boat number 318 built in April, 1977