The Annual Herbert Congregation!!!


Herbert? Who's Herbert?
Why is Herbert your god?
So what did Herbert do?
So why's he still here?
Goristavistania? Never heard of it.
So what went wrong, exactly?
So what happened? Get on with it man!
Is that all?
What do you mean?
Ah. Well then. Aren't you special.
My Report on Herbertism
The Bible of Herbertism
The Annual Herbert Congregation!!!

You have been invited to the annual Herbert clone congregation!
July 12 at 2:30 in an undisclosed place. If you can find it, you'll be guaranteed to have lots of fun!
Here are some pictures of last year's events:
The Meeting
The Mascot, "Mr. Cool"
The Costume Contest
Last year's Contest Winner
The Prize Medal
So come on down to wherever we are and join in the proceedings!
-The National Council of Herbert Clones (TNCHC)