So what happened? Get on with it man!


Herbert? Who's Herbert?
Why is Herbert your god?
So what did Herbert do?
So why's he still here?
Goristavistania? Never heard of it.
So what went wrong, exactly?
So what happened? Get on with it man!
Is that all?
What do you mean?
Ah. Well then. Aren't you special.
My Report on Herbertism
The Bible of Herbertism
The Annual Herbert Congregation!!!

Hey, calm down! Who's the one telling about the religion here? Yeah, you'd better be sorry. Okay, so around the time that the Archbishop found out about Herbert from the Fortune teller, Herbert had been trying to find out what went wrong with mankind by experimenting on cloning. Don't ask me what he hoped to accomplish. He's never told me. But when he found out about the Archbishop's evil plans, he quickly disguised himself as one of his clones. (I can't tell you which number, just in case one of the Archbishop's minions comes across this page). The archbishop has killed many of the clones since, but Herbert is still hidden.