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May 2000

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Added Wednesday, May 30, 2000
Weekly Magazine Roundup
Things have been pretty slow lately. All there is to offer this week is a small pic in New Weekly of David Duchovny in a kilt from the premiere of Return To Me in Scotland as well as a really tiny pic from the movie. In TV Week it mentions that The X-Files is coming back again next year with all aboard, however DD is only in 11 eps. Thanks to Angie.

Added Sunday, May 28, 2000
X-Files Competition
This week's TV Week had a Big W competition where you could win a DVD player. There were also ten minor prize packs that include an X-Files video pack comprising the three season 4 videos (Home/Small Potatoes; Leonard betts/Memento Mori; and Unruhe/Paper Hearts) released during the week. Those videos are also on special in Big W for $16.54 compared to the recommended retail price of $19.95. Target is also selling them cheaply; for $16.85.

DVD Review
Gillian Anderson is on the cover of (UK magazine) DVD Review which is currently available in Australian newsagencies for $10. There's a review of The X-Files Movie inside but the mag is plastic-wrapped so I can't tell you how extensive the review is. The mag also includes a free copy of the novel Saving Private Ryan.

Magazine Wrapup
Not much in this week's slew of magazines. Both Who Weekly and New Weekly made this week's Sein Und Zeit episode a must watch/pick of the week. Cath has scanned the accompanying pic (with a funny caption) from New Weekly.

David Duchovny on Letterman
David Duchovny will be on The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday May 30 (Australian time). It's a repeat of the April 4 show for those who missed it (including me!)

Season 8 news
I've added another three stories to my season 8 page.

Added Tuesday, May 23, 2000
The Lone Gunmen
In the flood of news concerning The X-Files season 8 you may have missed the fact that The Lone Gunmen spinoff series has got the green light and should air early 2001 in the US. I've added details of the LGM "Pilot" on my Unusual Suspects page.

Site Update
I've added the transcript to The Unbelievable Truth story that appeared in The Sunday Telegraph on the weekend [see below] to my Australian Media page. Story transcribed by Lyle, The X-Files Merchant on ausxfnews. I'll be away from home for the remainder of this week so the next update won't be til the weekend.

Added Monday, May 22, 2000
David Duchovny in Australia
Despite strong rumours at the time, David Duchovny didn't make it Australia for the opening of the Fox Studios in Sydney. News on the weekend, reported in the Herald-Sun in Melbourne, [thanks Stephanie on ausxfnews] suggests that he may be headed to Australia to promote his new movie Return To Me which premieres here on August 3.

While on the subject, there was a lengthy story on the movie titled Daring To Be Warm And Unhip, with a large photo of David Duchovny and a smaller pic of DD with Minnie Driver, in The Daily Telegraph last week.

Signs And Wonders
In Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald was this story:
The other night Martin James of Castlecrag, was watching a creepy X Files about sect members who proved their faith by waving snakes around. During a break, Martin went into a darkened room to find something and trod on - aaagh, a snake! Once his heartbeat settled down, he investigated. It was a red-bellied black snake (very poisonous) - minus its head. The cat dragged it in.
Thanks Clare on ausxfnews.

Season 8
I've added more (non-spoiler ... ie, no plot info) news to the Season 8 page.

Added Sunday, May 21, 2000
Season 8
No doubt by now you would have read all the news about season 8 -- Yes, there will be an eighth season of The X-Files but David Duchovny will appear in only 11 of the 22 episodes.

If you haven't read much, here's a compendium of the news as it broke: Season 8 news.

Newspaper Updates
Today's Sunday Telegraph TV liftout has Mulder and Scully on the cover with a story inside title The Unbelievable Truth which deals with this week's Sein und Zeit episode and season 8 negotiations. Thursday's and Friday's Daily Telegraph had stories on The X-Files returning for an eighth season. Thursday's Daily Telegraph Seven Days section made this week's Sein und Zeit episode one of their must-watch shows and had a large photo of Mulder and Scully.

X-Files competition
channel 10 competition There is a new X-Files competition on the Channel 10 website, but as Clare on ausxfnews says, the prizes are pretty lame. There's ten prize packs up for grabs. They consist of a Ten baseball cap, yo-yo, frisbee and choice of an X Files or Above the Law T-shirt. To win, you have to write in 25 words or less why you think Mulder and Scully should or should not get together.

For non-Australians, Above The Law is a local show.

Channel 10 Sucks
I have a no-spoiler policy and I wish the powers that be at channel 10 who prepare their promos had the same policy. As they've done in the past, this week's promo for Sein und Zeit revealed some vital information about the plot! Sheesh

I hope everyone watched the lengthy Gillian Anderson interview on Letterman the other night! Here's a video grab from the show courtesy of Cath.

Magazine Update
A special edition of The Starlog Reporter is out now that includes two X-Files articles. It's $5.95. Dreamwatch #67 is also now available in Australian newsagencies and has Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny on the cover. Thanks D on ausxfnews.

new official siteOfficial Site
Fox has a new Official Site for The X-Files.

Site Update
I've been sick most of this week, hence the lack of updates. I've done a minor update of my Season 7 episode guide and a few other minor tweaks here and there.

Added Tuesday, May 16, 2000
The Guide
In The Guide section of yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald:
If Letterman can't draw a smile, even a chuckle, from Gillian Anderson, who can? But these little sessions usually conceal purpose, so there'll be signals flying in this chat with a Dave fave. An eighth, possibly curtailed, season of The X Files? She's booked, but will it be with a new leading man for half the time? It's on the cards.
From Clare on ausxfnews.

Added Monday, May 15, 2000
Gillian on The Late Show - Confirmation
According to various TV guides, The Late Show (see below) featuring Gillian Anderson is scheduled for 12.10 EST in Sydney on Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning. I've checked the Late Show website and Gillian is definitely listed as a guest.

Added Sunday, May 14, 2000
The X-Files Future?
From various news sources:
Fox Wants More X-Files

Sandy Grushow, chairman of the 20th Century Fox television studio, told the Chicago Tribune newspaper that the Fox network is committed to bringing The X-Files back for an eighth season, with or without star David Duchovny.

"We would like for not just the show to come back, but for David Duchovny to come back in the show," Grushow said.

But, Grushow added, "Bottom line is, we're prepared to make the show with or without David." Duchovny, who plays Agent Fox Mulder, has said he's made clear to the network what his terms are to come back. Duchovny, whose contract expires at the end of this season, has also sued Fox for royalties he argues are due him from the sale of X-Files reruns to Fox's sister cable network FX.

X-Files creator Chris Carter, whose contract also expires this season, has previously said he's not interested in doing the show without Duchovny. Gillian Anderson, who plays Agent Dana Scully, is contracted for one more season, but has said she wants to leave, the Tribune reported.

But Grushow seemed determined to carry on in any case. "We're not there yet on either count, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chris Carter will make the show with or without David, or whether or not David will be a part of it," Grushow said.
Apparently Fox's next season's lineups will be announced on May 18 so we should have a definitive answer then!

If you want to protest against The X-Files sans David Duchovny, check http://chroniclex.simplenet.com/saveDD.htm.

Season One on DVD
As previously announced, season one of The X-Files will be released in Australia in November. It was released in the US on May 5. Anyway, there's an interesting deleted scene in the Pilot episode which can be viewed at Video Archive. Does that count as a spoiler?

Added Saturday, May 13, 2000
Movie Competition
Referring to the competition in Movie magazine, mentioned previously, the full details to enter are:

Austin Powers Competition
Movie Magazine
GPO Box 1609
Sydney NSW 2001

One of the videos in the prize pack is The Mighty.

Episode Guide Update
I've added Orison to my Episode Guide.

Added Monday, May 8, 2000
Gillian Anderson is set to appear on The Late Show with Dave Letterman on May 15 (US). That should be the next day in Australia.

Next Update
I'm on the road again ... so the next update won't be until Saturday. Nothing much to report except a tiny mention in this week's Who Weekly -- this week's episode (The Amazing Maleeni) makes their list of weekly highlights. Anthony Mundine (the rugby league player, for non-sports fans or anyone who hasn't been watching the news for the last fortnight) had his photo superimposed with Mulder and Scully in a story on his "disappearance" in last weekend's Sunday Telegraph.

Added Friday, May 5, 2000
New Weekly
This week's issue of New Weekly contains a photo of a sweaty David Duchovny in a story on celeb workouts plus 3 photos (full page) of Tea Leoni and Madelaine Duchovny.

Site Update
I've done a major overhaul of my Links page.

Added Thursday, May 4, 2000
TV Week
This week's TV Week contains a 2/3 page story about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson directing X-Files episodes. There's the standard DD/GA photo plus a photo of each behind the camera. It incorrectly refers to last season's The Unnatural as The Player.

Entertainment Tonight
David Duchovny has been on Entertainment Tonight (channel 9/WIN) the past two days, regarding his appearance on (the US version of) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. One of the segments was pretty funny, David calling his phone-a-friend, Tea Leoni!

The Friends story (refer April 25) also appeared in the Courier-Mail in Brisbane on April 30. Asoi recently solved the mystery on ausxfnews, revealing that the line was taken totally out of context and was part of Gillian Anderson's brilliant interview with David Duchovny that appeared in USA Weekend.
Anderson: How do you perceive our relationship?
Duchovny: It's like the roots of a tree. It's very twisted but it's growing. You know the tree is alive, and it works in its own treelike ways, yet you can't untangle it. You could, but you'd need the help of a gifted professional.

Anderson: Like a therapist?
Duchovny: Yeah. I always think back to the third or fourth episode and I was sitting in the office with Chris Carter and he actually wanted us to get help. He was concerned with how we were relating onscreen. He said "You seem bored or angry with each other. Mayne you should go see somebody" I thought, "What? We'll go as our characters? Hi my name is Fox Mulder. This is my parter, Scully. We're here for couples therapy."

Anderson: I have no memory of that.
Duchovny: You might not have been in the room. But maybe we should have therapy for long running series actors. It'd be good for the cast of Friends to have group therapy. Actually when Chris said that, I thought he was insane. But we do spend so much time together and it's a hard relationship to navigate.

Added Wednesday, May 3, 2000
Video News
The next video release, on June 7, will be a Millennium special, covering the last two episodes of that excellent show and the X-Files' "Millennium" episode.

Thanks Michael, Fiona and Lyle on ausxfnews.

Regarding the April issue of Movieline (see news from April 29) here's a scan of the cover.

Scanned by The X-Files Merchandise Web Site.

If you know of any other Australian-related X-Files news you can let me know by sending me an e-mail. It will be much appreciated and I'll give you credit for the info. Thanks a bunch!

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