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November 2000

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Added Thursday, November 30, 2000
Minor Update
Loved that brief new intro before last night's episode of "The Essential X-Files".

There's a new DVD magazine out called The Ultimate Australian DVD Guide and issue 1 features a full page review of the Season 1 X-Files release.

For those in Sydney, you can fill some gaps in your X-Files book collection at a store on the corner of Goulburn and George Streets in the city. They have I Want To Believe for $5.95; the teen novels 1-4 in a box set for $12.95 and The X-Files Book Of The Unexplained Vol 1 for $7.95.

Added Monday, November 27, 2000
Sunday Mail
Yesterday's Sunday Mail TV scene liftout had a photo of David Duchony and Tea Leoni with the following paragraph:
David Duchovny says he feels "a little nostalgic, a little sad" about leaving The X Files but he likes being able to spend more time with his wife, actress Tea Leoni, and their daughter. While Duchovny will appear in 11 of the new season's 20 episodes, he will be seen only briefly in six.
Also the Sunday Mail had a large photo of Gillian Anderson in an article about women dumping their partners who earn less than they do and Gillian was quoted as telling a newspaper that she had outgrown her husband Clyde Klotz.
ThanX Lucy.

Blockbuster Awards
ThanX to Lucy for informing me of a message posted by Misti on the Channel 10 Message Board:

Gillian Anderson will be a presenter on the Sixth Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, screening on Tuesday night November 28 at 9.30 pm on channel 10/Capital. These awards of course aired in the US quite so time ago.

Gilligan Chat
The Official X-Files Web Site will be conducting a chat with Vince Gilligan on Tuesday November 28 at 7pm ET/4pm PT (US).

Vertical Limit Competition
The Hoyts website has a competition to win tickets to the Australian premiere of Nick Lea's new movie Vertical Limit. However, it's only open to Sydney residents, and closes on 6 December.
ThanX Fiona on ausxfnews.

Next Episode
Syzygy will be screened on Wednesday December 6.

Next Update
I'll be away for a couple of days so the next update won't be until Thursday.

Added Friday, November 24, 2000
Magazine Update
The November/December Cinescape is now available and has Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick on the cover. The October Sight and Sound magazine is out [at Angus and Robertson Sydney city store] and has Gillian Anderson as Lily Bart from House Of Mirth on the cover.

The Angus and Robertson Syndey city store also have the X-Files Australian Collector's Cube available for the bargain price of $18.85.
Above two items form Clare on ausxfnews.

Next Episode
The "Essential X-File Reopened" this coming Wednesday will be, according to Sofcom, Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, starring the great Peter Boyle, which just happens to be my favourite episode ever.
ThanX 1013 on ausxfnews.

Harsh Realm
Don't forget episode 7 of Harsh Realm screens tonight on channel 7/Prime at 11:55pm.

Added Thursday, November 23, 2000
TV Week
In TV Week this week, as well as the news that repeats of The X-Files start next Wednesday, there's a pic of David Duchovny and a small article on celebrities and what they think about the internet:
David Duchovny (The X Files):
"This won't sound very romantic, but I got my wife [actor Tea Leoni] an online trading account as a present. She loves the stock market and stuff. I love telling people that I got my wife an online present. It sounds gross, but for her it's really romantic because she's right into that."
Posted by DX_GiRL on the Channel 10 Message Board

Site Update
I've added 4 articles to my Australian Media page.

Added Tuesday, November 21, 2000
X-Files Fans Rejoice
Unbelievable! Channel 10 has finally succumbed to the repeated requests of Aussie X-Files fans and will be repeating "Classic X-Files" episodes over the summer break, starting next Wednesday night at 9:30 pm. Any X-File is better than no X-File. It will ease the pain while we wait out those three months til season 8 airs in February!
ThanX 1013 on ausxfnews.

The X-Files Season 1 DVD was released today. You can order a copy from EzyDVD for $179 or pick one up at your favourite retailer.

Added Monday, November 20, 2000
Vertical Limit Competition
As posted to ausxfnews:
I know this is short notice but I just found out myself...

The Today show on channel 9 is holding a Vertical Limit competition but it closes at 3pm EST today (Monday 20/11/00). For a chance to win a trip to LA, 2 tickets to the world premiere (and a chance to rub shoulders with the stars, including Nic "Krycek" Lea) plus 6 nights accommodation and US$1,000 spending money just phone:
    1902 553 617

Added Sunday, November 19, 2000
XF Crew News
Not much to report, just a news report that X-Files director/producer Rob Bowman has signed up to direct Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4.

Added Saturday, November 18, 2000
Media Wrap-up
Last Monday's Rockhampton Morning Bulletin had a half page X-Files article in it which is more or less an interview with Chris Carter where he talks about the new season of the show. Also the Adelaide Sunday Mail had a tiny article about David Duchovny being replaced by Robert Patrick and saying he is not unhappy about his diminished role in the new series as he wanted to spend more time with his family. Also the Sunday Mail (Brisbane version) had a 2 page article on UFOs and there is a photo of DD accompanied by a short bit wher he mentioned that he saw a UFO back in 1993 when he was jogging on the beach.

ThanX Lucy

Added Friday, November 17, 2000
Harsh Realm
Episode 6 of Harsh Realm screens tonight on Channel 7/Prime.

Added Tuesday, November 14, 2000
Next update
I'll be away for the rest of the week, so the next update won't be until the weekend, if there's any news to report then.

Added Monday, November 13, 2000
Sunday Mail
Yesterday's Sunday Mail TV magazine TV Scene had a 2 page Gillian Anderson article where she talks about Robert Patrick, siging up for a 9th series of The X-Files and also her daughter Piper who lives in Vancouver with her father and has recently started school. There is a photo of Robert Patrick on 1 page and a photo of Gillian Anderson on the other page.
ThanX Lucy.

Final Destination
As mentioned below, the Morgan/Wong movie Final Destination is released on video tomorrow. There's a review in this week's New Weekly where it gets 4 stars and The X-Files conne-x-ion is mentioned.

Added Sunday, November 12, 2000
Next Video
Lyle from X-Files Merchandise.com advises that the lastest Fox Home Entertainment Australia pre-order catalogue lists a new X-Files video [listed as "The X-Files: untitled"] that is to be released on January 16, 2001 with a running time of 129 mins and a RRP of $24.95. Judging from previous releases, this will most probably include The X-Files season seven finale Requiem, and the two concluding episodes from season eight - Within and Without.

Mag News
The September issue of the UK magazine Impact has a 4 page X-Files article where the author gives an overview of the series and ponders its future direction. The August 29 issue of the US tabloid National Enquirer (now availble here) had a shot of David Duchovny and Tea Leoni in the surf in it and New Weekly had a short paragraph once again raising the question of whether Gillian Anderson is gay after she was seen kissing Ellen De Generes recently.

A magazine to look out for is the December Dreamwatch with Gillian Anderson and Robert Patrick on the cover and a 10 page article inside with interviews from both GA where she tells why she signed up for a 9th series of X-Files and Robert Patrick where he talks about his role as Agent Doggett. Lucy just picked that one up from her local newsagent who for some reason seems to get Dreamwatch in by air and surface freight now -- and it is cheaper than her local comic shop which has not yet got it in. So it will be a couple more months before other newsagents get it and earlier at comic and sci fi shops.

Check the Dreamwatch website for some promo material, including two photos.

ThanX as always to Lucy for keeping us up-to-date with the latest mags available in Australia.

Also spotted a pic of Gillian Anderson in last week's TV Week with a Rugrat!

Return To Me
The video release date for David Duchovny's Return To me has been pushed back to February 7, 2001. ThanX Fiona on ausxfnews.

Added Friday, November 10, 2000
Long-haired DD
You can catch a brief bit on David Duchovny when he was at school, on today's Entertainment Tonight. Screens on channel 9/WIN at 11:30am and repeated late tonight. Check your local guides.

Harsh Realm
Episode 5 of Harsh Realm screens tonight on channel 7/Prime.

I've added two articles to my News Stand. The first is on The Lone Gunmen spinoff series; and the other is on season 8. It contains descriptions of the John Doggett character but no episode spoilers as such. I've also added another article to my episode guide for X-Cops.

Xmas Card
There is a Gillian Anderson designed Christmas card on the Yahoo! Greetings website. Click on the Hope for the Holidays link for a full list of the celebrity designed cards. You can see Gillian's card by clicking here.

There are also cards designed by Seth Green (Deep Throat), Lucy Liu (Hell Money) and Mimi Rogers (Diana Fowley). The cards are for for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and you make a donation to that organisation when you send one of the cards.

Added Thursday, November 09, 2000
Only the David Duchovny US TV Guide cover e-card remains at the tvguide.com website.

Added Wednesday, November 08, 2000
Chris Carter Chat
You can read the transcript to the Chris Carter chat (see below) on the Official Site.

Site Update
I've added The Palm Beach Post article mentioned in my Inormation Kiosk post on October 3 to my News Stand. The article is now only available on the Palm Beach Post website if you subscribe.

Added Tuesday, November 07, 2000
Site Update
I've updated my Links page.

Added Monday, November 06, 2000
You can send an e-card of the 3 X-Files US TV Guide covers at the tvguide.com website.

Added Sunday, November 05, 2000
Season 8 and Chris Carter chat
Season 8 starts in the US tonight! The Official Site has lots of news on season 8 but avoid it if, like me, you're not into spoilers. The OS also has a chat with Chris Carter tomorrow -- Monday, November 6 -- at (US) 7pm ET/4PM PT after the season premiere episode, "Within".

ThanX to Chey for pointing out that you can search the Foxtel site for a complete listing, including titles and description, of all X-Files episodes to be screened on Fox8 every month.

Added Saturday, November 04, 2000
For those with Foxtel or Austar, The X-Files continues to be screened daily throughout November.

Final Destination
Final Destination will be relesed on video on November 14. The X-Files conne-x-ion? The movie was directed by James Wong and co-written by Wong and Glen Morgan. In the cast are Kristen Kloke (The Field Where I Died and Millennium), Chad Donella (Hungry), Robert Wisden (Pusher) and P Lynn Johnson (Small Potatoes and Die Hand Die Verletzt). There is also an official site.

The movie is reviewed in the latest Blockbuster magazine -- "so for a mystery of Mulder and Scully proportions, take a detour to Final Destination."

Added Friday, November 03, 2000
Issue 52 of the UK The X-Files Magazine, featuring a story on Mark Snow among other articles, is now available in newsagencies.

Harsh Realm
Episode 4 of Harsh Realm screens tonight on channel 7/Prime at 11:40pm.

Added Wednesday, November 01, 2000
Duchovny nostalgic about 'X-Files'
David Duchovny said he doesn't regret his decision to work only part-time this season on "The X-Files," on which he has co-starred for the past seven years. Duchovny told TV Guide that he feels "a little nostalgic, a little sad" about leaving the show, but he likes spending more time with his wife, actress Tea Leoni, and their 1-year-old daughter. "I've been home at six o'clock the last four months in a row. I was never home at dinner time before," he said. Duchovny will appear in 11 of the new season's 20 episodes. So far, he said the current arrangement "is working exactly the way I wanted it to. I get to do a movie while I'm doing a show. If I could out something like that, I wouldn't rule it out." Duchovny also put in a vote of support for his replacement, Robert Patrick. "He's really excited to be here, and I think it's good to have someone come in and smack everybody and say, 'Wake up! This is a great job!' I wasn't gonna be that guy," Duchovny said.
From Infobeat.

TV Week
There is a picture at the back of this week's TV Week of Gillian Anderson taken at the recent LA AIDS walk.
ThanX Clare on ausxfnews.

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