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September 2000

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Added Saturday, September 30, 2000
Gillian Anderson's film House of Mirth has an official site.

This week's New Idea had a half page article on David Duchovny in its health section. Also the October issue of Sci Fi magazine is now out at the newsagents here with a David Duchovny cover and a couple of short X-Files articles inside. There is also a photo of Gillian Anderson in the letters section of TV Week where someone asks for an address to write to her.
ThanX Lucy.

Added Thursday, September 28, 2000
Chasing Aliens
From: Mr Showbiz
Duchovny Can't Stop Chasing Aliens

Let's get this straight: David Duchovny worked hard to reduce his X-Files duties so he could make it on the big screen and the first film he's lining up is about aliens?

Hey, why not embrace your place in the sci-fi galaxy, David and then give it a good, hard tweak. It looks like Duchovny is willing to send up his TV hunk status in the sci-fi comedy Evolution, which is being billed as "a Ghostbusters for the new millennium."

Duchovny is in negotiations to join Julianne Moore, Road Trip's Seann William Scott, and The Replacements' Orlando Jones in the sci-fi comedy from DreamWorks, the same studio that brought us the riotous Star Trek sendup Galaxy Quest.

That Ghostbusters ref? Well, besides promising chills and chuckles, like that classic '80s flick, Evolution will be helmed by director Ivan Reitman. It's expected to start shooting before the end of the year.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evolution is about an alien-laden meteor that crashes -- where else -- in the New Mexico desert. The alien organisms then evolve at an alarming rate and threaten to (dum dum dum) take over the world. It's up to a local community college science professor (Duchovny), his eccentric geologist buddy (Jones), a wannabe fireman (Scott), and a government scientist (Moore) to vanquish the alien hordes.

Perhaps the cult flick ref they were looking for was Tremors.

Duchovny's absence from half of the upcoming season of The X-Files is being explained away by an alien abduction. But just squint during his scenes with redhead Julianne Moore and you'll be able to get that longed-for X-vibe.

Added Wednesday, September 27, 2000
From: Yahoo:
Cast of "Evolution" starts to take form

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Julianne Moore ("Hannibal," "Magnolia") and Orlando Jones are both in final negotiations to star in DreamWorks' "Evolution," opposite David Duchovny.

Seann William Scott ("Road Trip") also recently inked a deal for another role in the Ivan Reitman comedy, and final details of Duchovny's deal are being ironed out as well.

Reitman's DreamWorks-based Montecito Picture Co. will produce the picture, which revolves around what happens to a group of misfits when a meteor carrying alien organisms crashes in the New Mexico desert and threatens to take over the world.

By Carl DiOrio
You can catch David Duchovny (pre-X-Files) in the movie Beethoven that screens this Sunday on Channel 10. He appears with his Return To Me director Bonnie Hunt.

Beethoven starts at 6:30pm, followed by Bad Boys (with Tea Leoni) at 8:30pm.

Birthday Boy
Today is Tom Braidwood's (Frohike) 52nd birthday.

Added Saturday, September 23, 2000
For those Aussies who can drag themselves away from the Olympics, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, featuring new X-Files co-star Robert Patrick will be screening on channel Ten/Capital tomorrow night at 8.30pm.

The second episode of Angel, a Buffy The Vampire Slayer spinoff, titled Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? screens in the US on October 3 and was penned by former X-Files writer Tim Minear. It has a character named Frank Gilnitz. Any true X-Files fan will know the name Gilnitz as an amalgam of X-Files producers Frank Spotnitz and Vince Gilligan names. A similar character, John Gilnitz, which also incorporated the first name of John Shiban, has been used on The X-Files on a few occassions.

dvd season 1 coverAdded Thursday, September 21, 2000
Season 1 DVD Release
I have confirmation that The X-Files Season 1 DVD Australian release will be November 21. The cost will be $179 including GST. The seventh disc contains added goodies such as:

Start saving now :-)

Added Wednesday, September 20, 2000
Olympic Update...
In the midst of all the Olympic events there's still some X-Files news floating round. Here is some news from Lucy.

The latest TV Hits magazine has a short paragraph on Robert Patrick joining The X Files and a photo of him from Terminator 2 plus a photo of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Last Thursday's Toowomba Chronicle Entertainment liftout had a photo of Gillian Anderson and short article titled What's In a Name. It goes as follows:
X-Files creator Chris Carter named Gillian Anderson's character Scully as a tribute to longtime LA Dodger's announcer Vin Scully. And Robert Patrick's character (he's the guy replacing David Duchovny this season) is named John Doggett as homage to Scully's late Dodgers sidekick Jerry Doggett.
Also there is a 2 page article on David Duchovny in the July UK magazine Impact where he talks about his lawsuit and having more free time to do other things during the new X-Files series, a 2 page article on Gillian Anderson in the July 17 issue of the UK magazine Woman where she talks about waiting for Mr Right. July Ultimate DVD magazine which should soon be at newsagents has a small photo of Gillian Anderson in the bottom left hand corner of the cover and a 2 page article in side on both GA and a review of The X-Files series I on DVD in the USA.

The current TV Week has a nice full page photo of David Duchovny featured as the snapshot on the second last page along with a short article. Also on the previous page there is a photo of DD and Tea Leoni with their dog.

Issue 51 of The X-Files Magazine (UK) is now out and includes a story on William B Davis amongst other things.

Added Sunday, September 17, 2000
Season 8
For those who just can't wait, there's an updated season 8 episode schedule at The X-Files Official Website. Season 8 starts in the US on November 8. Aussies will have to wait a further three months (after the US debut) minimum.

Too Low
Re the Emmy news below; for those who missed it, here's a brief synopsis of what the skit was about from Yahoo:
There were also numerous references to host Garry Shandling's late lamented never-Emmied HBO series The Larry Sanders Show, including the famed homoerotic attraction between Shandling's Sanders and X-Files star David Duchovny. At the Emmys, Duchovny appeared as a washroom attendant (working undercover of course), supplying Shandling with a towel and seeking a tip -- and advising Shandling that he'd been "voted out of" the washroom. Duchovny also brushed down Shandling's suit, and while his brush was below the camera frame asked, "Too hard?" and Shandling replied "Too low."
"House Of Mirth" Nominations
Gillian Anderson has received a Best Actress nomination for her role in House Of Mirth, at the British Independent Film Awards. She's up against Kate Ashfield "The Low Down", Brenda Blethyn "Saving Grace", Julie Walters "Billy Elliot" and Emily Watson "The Luzhin Defence".

"House Of Mirth" is also nominated for Best Film along with "Billy Elliot", "One Day in September", "Saving Grace" and "The Last Resort".

Terence Davies is nominated as best director for "The House of Mirth".

There's a second House Of Mirth Trailer which can be accessed at www.close-up.it.
Warning: To get the clip to play, you may need to open Real Player separately and go to File -- Open Location, and then copy in the url. [Right mouse click on the above link and look at Properties]

Pop Quiz
Added (non-spoiler) story titled Pop Quiz with Robert Patrick to my Season 8 news page. You can also access it at the News Stand.

Gillian's Jeans
Re the story on the Yahoo Celebrity Jeans auction below, Gillian Anderson's jeans ended up selling for $2,335. You can see the final bids at Yahoo.

Added Saturday, September 16, 2000
Saturday Night Live
For those lucky enough to have Foxtel or Austar, Arena is showing highlights of Saturday Night Live from October 17 at 6.30pm. Each show will have a theme, and on December 9, it will be a double David Duchovny episode, which the host, Sophie Lee says are the best episodes she's seen. (From an article in the Sunday Telegraph TV Guide, September 10-16 2000).
ThanX Alison.

Further to the news below, this from the Belfast News Letter,
Although DAVID DUCHOVNY will only be appearing in a few episodes of the next season of The X-Files, he cannot get away from aliens. The actor's next project will be starring in writer-director IVAN REITMAN's comedy film Evolution in which he plays a college professor involved with an alien invasion.

"It wasn't my choice to do a movie with aliens but I took it because it is such a good script," he said. "Also, it's a comedy so it's nothing like The X -Files."
ThanX Vyper.

Added Wednesday, September 13, 2000
Fear The Future
I've added a lengthy article/interview with Frank Spotnitz basically summing up what's happened in the first seven seasons of The X-Files and looking to the future without giving any spoilers.

House Of Mirth
I hve no idea if/when Gillian Anderson's movie House Of Mirth will screen in Australia but for those who are interested, you can see a trailer at virtuetv.com.

Added Tuesday, September 12, 2000
The Sunday Mail TV Scene lift out magazine had a photo of David Duchovny in a kilt and a short article which goes like this:
After appearing in Ten's X Files for years, you could excuse David Duchovny if he wanted a break from aliens in TV series. But Duchovny is reportedly developing another sci-fi show, although this time it will be a comedy. Called Evolution, it's about a rogue meteor which releases some very odd organisms after crashing on Earth.
ThanX Lucy.

Men's Room Attendant
Hope you all watched last night's Emmy awards presentation and saw the David Duchovny appearance in a men's room skit with host Garry Shandling. Short and sweet but funny.

Added Sunday, September 10, 2000
Return To Me on Video
The video release date for Return To Me will be January 24, 2001. ThanX Fiona on ausxfnews.

Added Saturday, September 09, 2000
Season 8
As the US gears up for season 8, the spoilers are really out there. As always, this site will remain spoiler free. Personally, I want to watch each episode without knowing what happens. And with the Australian premiere not until next February that's going to be hard to achieve :-)

You can read some non-spoiler news about season 8 here.

Also, the The Official X-Files Web Site has a new flash introduction if your browser can handle it and plenty of news about season 8.

Linda Shima-Tsuno
In other news Fox has another X-Files related lawsuit on its hands. After the David Duchovny fiasco, Linda Shima-Tsuno, Fox's former director of Broadcast Standards & Practices, has filed a harassment lawsuit. Read the full story here.

Entertainment Weekly
US magazine Entertainment Weekly has named The X-Files at #76 in their list of the 100 Greatest Entertainers. The following transcript from The Haven:
SPOOKY ALIENS, EVIL CONSPIRACIES, SLIMY MUTANT MONSTERS. ISN'T IT SEXY? It's the defining drama of the '90s. Definitely the spookiest. But the most Byronic? "The whole premise of The X-Files is intrinsically romantic," argues star Gillian Anderson. "And Chris Carter is the ultimate romantic." Carter, who created the series in '92, doesn't cite the Romantics as an influence, but they may very well have appreciated it--if they didn't gag on the occasional sewer-dwelling fluke. Carter's coiling mythology of alien invasion and paranormal hanky-panky my have sprung from cynicism and suspicion, but it evolved through its protagonists--FBI agents Dana Scully (Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny)--into an epic fable of passion and faith. Despite the endless warnings of "Trust no one," the soul of the show is proclaimed on Mulder's infamous poster: "I want to believe."

In Mulder and Scully, Carter says he was after the most elusive of TV relationships: "Two people who cared about one another in a deep way that didn't end in easy consummation." Ironically, in realizing Carter's ideals, Duchovny and Anderson succeeded in making the most respectful of comrades look irresistibly sexy. "These are heroes whose friendship and search for truth are transcendent," says Carter: "We all want their relationship."
Transcribed by Brooke

The Truth Is Way Out There
I've added the transcript of an X-Files story from The Sydney Morning-Herald back on August 17 to my Australian Media page along with a number of Australian Return To Me reviews. I've also updated my Links page and David Duchovny page.

The Emmys
Further to the story below, The Emmys will screen in Australia on channel 10/Capital at 8.30pm on Monday September 11, with a preview show at 7.30pm EST.

Added Thursday, September 07, 2000
Birthday Greetings
Today is Chris Owens' (Jeff Spender/Young CSM/Mutato) 39th birthday.

Added Wednesday, September 06, 2000
Episode Guide Update: Requiem
I finally remembered to upload Requiem, so my Season 7 episode guide is now complete.

Added Tuesday, September 05, 2000
The Emmys
Apparently a pre-recorded skit featuring Gary Shandling (see Hollywood AD) and David Duchovny will air on the Emmy Award presentation that screen in the US this coming Sunday. It should air in Australia next Monday.

Added Sunday, September 03, 2000
John Doggett
There's a brand new, not fully completed, Official Robert Patrick Website. For those who haven't been following the seaosn 8 news, Robert Patrick will be playing Agent John Doggett.

Added Saturday, September 02, 2000
I Want You To Love Me Like I'm David Duchovny
From Jenny's X-Files, news that there's another David Duchovny inspired song, called I Want You To Love Me Like I'm David Duchovny. It's available to download from IUMA.

Here's the blurb....

He was always there...on the screen, on the glossy page...his beauty was unmistakable, otherworldly...and sometimes you just wish beauty would go away and let you live your life [in peace]...but alas, you find nothing can hide you and shield you from its fury...so you must learn to dance with it...like a beast, dodging its arrows while hoping to be pierced...and so I do...frenzied, warm, absent...enraptured.

This CD is a five month collaboration between five young New York musicians, led by Richard Hefner. It is a single and two remixes, all of which are obsessive by nature. The first track, Abduction, is electronica with the harmonies of falling in love and the rhythm of an alien seduction. The second trak (the one you can listen to on this site), I Want You To Love Me Like I'm David Duchovny is a progressive house mix that answers the question "How would it feel to be taken cell by cell by an extraterrestrial." The Darling David Dub is an almost no words tribute to...well, to DD (don't tell him).

Cult Times
The August Cult Times (UK) magazine (available locally in comics shops) contains a 3 page article on David Duchovny including a full page photo of him and his wife Tea Leoni. It should arrive at the newsagents in about a month. The July/August Cinescape is availabe at newsagents now and has a 2 page X-Files article in it. The price is an outrageous $18.25 though. It was cheaper by air mail at the comic shops a while back. Explain that! The July Movieline has a photo of David Duchovny and his answer (on page 22) in a 2 page article where they asked 10 stars " What's your favorite love scene?"

Return To Me soundtrack
The Return to Me soundtrack (US import) is available at HMV in Brisbane so if you're interested check your nearest HMV store.
ThanX Lucy for that and the media news above.

Site Update: X-Files Polling Booth
I finally got around to adding a new poll to my Polling Booth.

Added Friday, September 01, 2000
jeans logoChris Carter's Jeans
Further to the item on Gillian Anderson [August 29], a pair of jeans signed by Chris Carter are also up for auction at Yahoo. Also, there's a pair from XF guest (voice) Jodie Foster.

Gun Shy
Saw a promo the other day for Gun Shy, featuring Mitch Pileggi, which will be released on video in Australia "soon". No exact date at this stage. Anybody know?

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