Bloodless Bullfighting
by Jorge Prates Peres

I apologize for having only a minimal amount of material this year due to a move further south and closer to Tijuana. While it has enabled me to see actual bullfights in the two Tijuana rings, it has cut short my ability to comment on the bullfighting in California as I once did. If this continues to be the thing, this column may be combined with the Portuguese news instead, being a hevay nu,mber of Portuguese appear in these bloodless bullfights. I have, by the way, become a big fan of the Mexican, Zotoluco.

On September 12, Alberto Conde was supposed to return to Gustine, but i heard no reports of what happened. Conde has been a longstanding star in Portugal.

El Geno, the Mexican torero who has been a star of the bloodless bullfights since he was a teenager and maybe has more cartel there than in his native Mexico, came very close to getting killed recently in a Mexican bullfight when he was gored in the neck.

There is no secret of my dislike for Dennis Borba and the dislike some other staff members have for him, but as a service to the bullfighting world I will make note he plans to run another bullfighting seminar in Escalon October 28 to 30 and for those living in Northern California, it affords the chance to face a live calf and actually experience a little of what a bullfighter goes through. Having done the bull on a rope before and faced a few animals briefly, I know just how hard it is to face the horns. Once you are there with a live animal you will have new respect for, welll...most matadores, in the ring.

The last California bloodless bullfight of 2005 will be in Thornton sometime in October.

Sario Cabral contuinues to get better but being a "local" bullfighter, sometimes has faced very harsh criticism from fans, as have Eddie Costa and Joseph Correia in the past. In truth some of these California cavaleiros have been better than the higher-priced and more experienced name cavaleiros brought in from Portugal.

I have already heard plans to bring Tito Semedo back for bloodless bullfight sin 2006. Not sure why as he showed very little whenever I saw him. It would be nice, but very wishful thinking that one day again, they can bring Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza to the area.

The Bullfights Org page is back up again and is providing some information on carteles in northern California. For a brief time it looked like it would be staying down. Gary Campos who runs it does a credited job on this, but his time is limited. Rumors of the poage closing ended up being rumors and what looked like a momentary glitch a few weeks ago did not help. See the link for informationt his page provides on bloodless bullfighting, Tijuana bullfights and Mexicali.

September 12 will see a bloodless bullfight in Gustine, California, with three cavaleiros, Brito, Conde, and Duarte in action.

The Renks should be resuming bloodles bullfights in Texas in the fall and winter season.

Joey Coirreia and Eddie Costa continue to perform in the bloodless bullfights with much enthusiasm as cavaleiros.

The views of Jorge Prates Peres do not necessarily reflect those of Circle of Sand. Comments should be directed to Jorge Prates Peres at

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