Dr. Alfonso Gaona, the longtime Mexican empresario, died in early 2006. He may be seen playing himself in the film, The Brave One, which starred Fermin Rivera.

Juarez aficionados have been stunned to hear the planned 2006 temporada has been called off and the famous Monumental bullring is supposed to be demolished in order to sell the land for office space. There is also talk circulating of reopening the old Alberto Balderas bullring in the same city, but this remains to be seen.

The annual Feria De Abril in Sevilla is being booked now and preparations being made for a major set of bullfights, as with San Isidro in May in Madrid.

Jarocho has retired from the rank of matador de toros to banderillero.

Maria Paz Vega had a triumphant run in Colombia during the winter months, which would be their summer down there.

Antonio Ribeiro Telles continues to be the foremost rejoneador in Portugal and has added several new horses to his stable.

Californian composer and band director, David Costa, has wroitten and release dt wo pasodobles, one int ribute to forcados and another to the rejoneador, Vitor Ribeiro.

Bricio continues to be a rising young matador in the Mexican rings and has gained considerable cartel.

A bullf rom the ranch of Real de Saltillo received an indulto recently, when fought by Jose Maria Luevano.

Pepin Liria has recovered from a recent goring received in his "manly parts" while practicing at a ranch.

Antonio Garcia "Chihuhua" cut ears in Acapulco and left on shoulders on January 8.

On January 14, Pablo Hermoso de Mendosa cut four ears and a tail in Cancun.

Curro Romero celebrated his 71st birthday recently.

Jose Mauricio to take the alternativa shortly, with much accclaim and anticipation being directed his way

Vicente Barrera has left Spain for a winter tour of the South American bullrings and recently looked impressive in corridas in Peru.

Puerta Vallarta to hold numerous events through 2006, though mainly novilladas.

Alfonso Hernandez "Pali" is one of the newer Mexican toreros with a triumphant string of showings in the interior.

Jalostotitlan to hold the annual feria in February again, but no carteles announced yet.

Leopoldo casasola cut four ears and a tail in Joquilpan on November 20.

Ganadero Luis Felipe Ordaz died recently.

Marincho uis another new face on the Mexican circuit who has had triumphs in Apozaco and other plazas.

Salvatierra to have its feria in february. No carteles annoucned yet.

Cesar De Madrid to take some bookings for bloodles bullfights in the USA in 2006.

Mexicali bullfights to be held on an irregular basis throughout the winter and spring in the 10,000 seat Plaza De Toros La Calafia.

Juarez to hold their 2006 season from March through September at various dates, usually on line with American holidays. Possible names have included Leopoldo Casasola, Fabian Barba, Eloy Cavazos, Amaya, Spinola and others.Check their webpage in our links for updates.

A monument will be made to the late matador, Manolo Vazquez, in the form of a statue erected in his honor near the bullring in Sevilla .

The bullfighting club in Holland that operated for some time has been disbanded as there was an apparent lack of itnerest and few new members.

Retired matador, Pirao, is now an active manager of varied bullfighters, including his son.

Changes to be made with a load of new updates and interviews in the flamenco section of this page, as well as the mercado section, following the Christmas holidays. Look for the deletion and updating in the notes and espanol sections also after the New Year holiday.

Fabian Barba gave a magnificent faena to a manso and difficult bull on November 19, while in Zopapan, but lost a possible tail due to problems with the sword.

Manolo Fuerte, the brother of the late matador, Minuto, was once an aspiring novillero, though a major goring in the back hampered this. he tried to jump the fence and his suit got caught on a loose nail, trapping him via a snag , while the animal slammed into him, pinning him to the boards. He is now active and gaining recognition as one of the finest banderilleros in Mexico, having traded the gold for the silver as others in the past have done.

El Juli cut an ear in San Luis Potosi on November 19.

Alberto Lamelos had several triumphs in the smal;ler bullrings of Spain in 2005 and will be ready for the major plazas in 2006.

Death Rides The Horns may be ready in traditional book form rather than ebook form in 2006, plus tentative negotiations for French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian translations in ebook form, for sometime in 2006 as well.

The Dutch novillero, Nikko Norte, decided to retire. His career was not much to brag about, but one has to applaud his efforts for trying, though he was frequently caught and tossed for his efforts when he did receive contracts for novilladas.

Though there have not been bullfights in Argentina for many, many decades, Spanish flamenco has caught on big down there. Look for a few interviews in this realm soon. Likewise, the pasodoble has been a big thing with older people, not played in bullfighting, as the original intention for this music, but to ballroom dance to.

The bullfighting page for the bullring in Juarez, which may be found in our links, has added several galleries of photos featuring toreros past and present. Among the galleries or solitary photos may be found El Glison, Inclusero, Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza, Eduardo Liceaga, Esteban Garcia, Felix Guzman, Jaime Rangel, Pizarro, Spinola, Joselillo, the Armillitas, Paco camino, Miguelin, Cordobes, Hilda Tenorio, Juli and several others.

El Chihuahua continues to look impressive in his novilladas and could eventually develop into an outstanding matador de toros int ime to come.

The rejoneador, Borja Baena, has announced retirement.

Maria paz Vega is in Venezuela now for corridas.

Ivan Garcia is having a triumphant run of corridas in Peru.

Radio and literary personality, Enrique Hernandez Flores, did a concurso at the Silverio Perez Auditorium hall in Mexico City recently at the union for bullfighters.

En Cali, Colombia, the bullfighting writer Paco Luna died recently. He was in his 80s.

Pierta Vallarta to have a string oif winter corridas to draw from the tourist trade. Fermin Spinola is one of the main stars contracted.

Eloy Cavazos returns to Monterrey on November 13.

The bloodless bullfighting season in California is over, but plans are already being made for next year with Joey Correia, Eddie Costa, Sario Cabral, Dennis Borba, Victor Ribeiro, Tito Semedo, Luis Vidal Procuna, Mario Miguel, and others, by the various promoters.

Fermin Rivera, the grandson of the matador of the same name, took the alternativa in San Luis Potosi recently and has gained favorbale reaction from the crowd. Look for him to receive several contracts in the Mexican winter season.

Colombian sensation, Cesar Rincon, is touring Mexico once again to great acclaim, though his swordwork has failed ihm on some recent afternoons and caused him to lose awards.

The Nuevo Progresso bullring in Guadalajara, Mexico, has a full season of winter corridas planned. See their link in our links section for details and dates.

Oliver Godoy has been winning acclaim in the Mexican interior and could develop into a top star one day.

The ganadero of the Garfias ranch died in late October.

Though they have long since retired, Curro Rivera and Paco Camino both have active fan clubs in Camas, Spain, carrying on functions in their memory. For addresses see the Camas site in links.

Horacio Lopez is becoming an established and respected photographer in the Mexican interior, with his photos being seen in many places.

Hilda Tenorio to appear in a bloodless bullfight in El Paso, Texas, this November.

Pepe Hillo, the promising Mexican novillero, recently tookt he alternativa and has several contracts lined up as a matador de toros.

Paul Cortez is another young torero who has gained tremendous recognition in the Mexican bullrings and has looked tremendous in numerous interior plazas o great importance, including Plaza Mexico. Look for some big things from this torero as time goes on.

Fabian Barba cut an ear in the last corrida of the Tijuana 2005 season. Look for himt or epeat here several times next year, as well as in other border plazas.

David Minella offers bullfight videos and dvds for sale at Minella52@comcast.net

Victor Puerto did not escape 2005 uninjured, but had a magnificent seasonw ith numerous triumphs in the Spanish rings.

El Geno has shown amazing recovery power and defiance of the doctors, announcing a return to the bullring in November, following his near-fatal goring in the neck.

The Feria in Monterrey to run November 13-27 with numerous figuras.

People itnereste din paintings dealing with flamenco art might pay a visit to http://www.tintavena.com

Jose Lazaro was well-received in the last bullfight of the 2005 season in las Ventas in Madrid.

Macrial Herce had a triumph in Coroneo, Mexico, cutting ears and leaving on shoulders in late October.

Los Encinos is becoming one of the most respected and often used ganaderias in mexico. Toreros also seem to love their bulls.

The Spanish picador, Chocolate, died at age 66 from natural causes.

Dale Pierce to do a book signing session at the Tuscora Park in New Philadelphia on October 29. He will also make a New York City appearance in early December at a handful of bookstores there.

After one of his best Spanish seasons ever, Vicente Barrera is heading for Peru for corridas.

The Feria in Quito will be held form late November to early December,w ith all the South American figuras and many Spanish ones.

El Chihuahua cut two ears in early October after a spectacular showing in the small town of San Francisco De Los Romo.

The retired rejoneador and bullbreeder Alvaro Domeqc died in early )ctober. He wa sin his 80s.

Moura Jr. was injured recently, to the point where he has terminated his 2005 season.

Rancher Jesus de la Fuente was killed in a bull loading accident on September 12.

Rafael Ortega left on shoulders after a recent corrida in Ahuacatlan, mexico.

Lazaro Carmona, the retired matador, is now seeing action behind the scenes as a manager of younger men.

Matador Chamon Ortega wa sinjured on a ranch in Spain recently.

Dale Pierce's bullfight novels from the past were presented at a big book fair in Poland for possible reprint rights negotiations recently, while they may be seen at the book fairs in Tijuana and Hermosillo next year.

There is a new bullring being built in Elvas, Portugal, a small yet colorful town near the Spanish border, best known because it was in this place (though not the same bullring obviously) that Juan Belmonte made his first professional appearance. It is also a town known not for bulls as much as a very historical Roman wall that has survived the centuries.

El Glison has a great triumph in Ibarra, Ecuador on September 25, cutting ears and leaving on the shoulders of the crowd.

Los Aficionados De Los Angeles is an active California bullfighting club with itnernational membership. Contact JPetrich@aol.com for membership information.

Leonardo Benitez was gored in Mexicali while making a kill, but is recovering nicely from the unpelasant leg wound.

There will be festivals held at the cortijo/mini-bullring in Tijuana in October. For information contact taurinossiempre@hotmail.com

Several new interviews coming soon to Circle Of Sand, including rejoneador Antonio Ribeiro Telles, retired toreros Diego O Bolger and Silviano Tanori, writer Ernesto Gutierrez, writer Jorge Prates Peres, and several others.

There is an interesting Portuguese-American newspaper available for subscribing at http://www.lusoamericano.com/

Joao Diego Fera is becoming a popular torero on foot in his native Portugal and gaining much cartel.

Guillermo Martinez is a newer matador who will be making his brodertown presentations on the Mexican-American broder circuit very late in the temporada. He has gained favorable press in other parts of Mexico and it will be interesting to see how well he is received in Tijuana and other plazas.

Bullfighting writer Carlos Lohr has been having some health problems due to a diabetic condition and it is wished these problems be overcome rapidly.

Leopoldo Casasola continues to gain cartel int he Mexican rings and is becoming a very familiar face in both large and small plazas.

Miguel Abellan received a minor goring in Logrono on September 25.

Diego Vega looked impressive in his Madrid debut September 25 in which he received a vuelta.

El Rubio was seriously gored in Yecla while placing the sword in late September.

Jesulin De Ubrique cut an ear in Corella (Navarra) after a magnificent faena.

El Moranta was gored in Granada, but is recovering.

Zotoluco cut an ear in San Miguel Del Alto on September 25.

Segio Serrano was seriously gored in granada recently, but is recovering.

San Miguel Allende will be having fall and winter bullfights, with Mario Coehlo, Luis Medina "Pasion Gitano", Enrique Fraga, Zapata and others appearing this season..

There is an interetsing club taurino in Valdepenas called El Burladero with a webpage at http://www.elburladero.org and email at info@elburladero.org for details.

On September 24, Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza gave a tremendous showing in Logrono, cuting ears and leaving on shoulders.

The Virgen DE La Cabeza club is an active Spanish club in devotion to the art of flamenco. Email information at actvirgendelacabeza@hotmail.com

Curro Reyes was trinfador of the feria in Azquenca De Henares in September.

Miguel Abellan rounded out a great 2005 Spanish season with an ear-cutting faena on Villacarrcho on September 16, with a few more Spanish contracts still to go this year.

David Esleve rose late in 2005 as a promising Spanish novillero, after some outstanding novilladas.

A club devoted to the Pasodoble or bullfighting music exists in Spain at Ass. Cultural Del Pasodoble, Pangino 7, Valdepenas 13300 Spain.

Eloy Lilo is the new manager of Anibal Ruiz.

Antonio Ferrera cut 3 ears in Nimes in a September corrida, thrilling aficionados with capote, muleta, banderillas and sword.

Manolo Mejia is manager of Cristian Aparicio and geraing him for the 2006 Mexican season.

Eloy Cavazos had a magnificent 2005 season with triumphs in Tijuana, Aguascalientes, Puebla, Cancun, Moreleon and many other Mexican rings.

Hilda Tenorio to have knee surgery in September.

Salvador Cortes looked extremely impressive in the Pozoblanco feria.

Ruben Sanchez, Miguelin Murillo and Lopez Diaz all left on shoulders after respective triumphs in Huete (Cuenca) recently.

Manolo Martinez, a Spanish torero not to be confused with the Mexican father (deceased) or son (retired), cut 3 ears and a tail in El Carpio, Spain in a September event.

The Centro Taurino de Lima in Lima, Peru has been a haven for aficionados for over 100 years. Their email may be encoutnered at centrotaurinodelima@hotmail.com

Guillermo Alban has had several more triumphs in Spanish plazas, but will be returning to South America and possibly Mexico soon.

Maria Paz Vega to appear in Medellin, Colombia.

In Zacatecas the annual September fair will feature Zotoluco, Carmona, Bricio, Rondero, Rafael ortega and others.

Jose Luis Moreno is a Spanish torero finding many triumphs in South America at this time.

For information on an interesting ganaderia go to http://www.losaranguez.com/

There is a bullfighting club based in Seattle now. Information at info@thescarletmacaw.com for details. They organize frequent trips, including visits to Pamplona for San Fermin.

Horacio Casas continues to gain cartel as a rejoneador in the Mexican rings.

Egartorre Books in Spain (see information in the book reviews section and in links) continues to produce great bullfighting books in Spanish,w ith more on the way for 2006.

Israel Tellez is approaching figura status in Mexico. His work with capote, muleta, banderillas and sword remains outstanding.

This August marked the 20th anniversary of the death of El Yiyo in Colmenar Viejo. Gored after placing the sword, he was killed on the spot, receiving a posthumous pair of ears for the last faena of his life. Like the legendary Manolete decades before, he killed the offending bull with his swordthrust and "died as he killed and killed as he died" as the poets like to say.

On the 14th of September Antonio Ferrera registered a great triumph in Mostoles and left on the shoulders of the crowd.

In Albacete recently, rejoneadores Andy Cartagena and Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza both left on shoudlers.

There is an active international bullfighting club centered in Pamplona, Spain, where the celebrated bull run takes place every July. Information on the club at info@clubtaurino.com

Thought there are no bullfights in Nogales this year, El Diario De Nogales continues ot have historic and international bullfighting news in its paper, written by Carlos Lohr.

A bloodless bullfight was held in Escalon, California recently with Morenito de Portugal and Luis Vidal Procuna on the card, two of Portugal's top stars.

The annual festivals in Tovar, Venezuela, saw a nubmer of ears cut and an indulto this September.

Rafael Orellana has had tremendous succes in the South American rings this year.

Updates and rumors say El Cid has cut short the 2005 season due to his recent goring.

On September 8, the much awaited Dale Pierce ebook, Death Rides The Horns, will be ready for orders and the site will be opened at http://www.DeathRidesTheHorns.com for the same. The electronic book, the first the author and head writer for this site has done, will cover the deaths of numerous banderilleros, picadores, matadores and novilleros as well as amateurs and freak mishaps concerning the bulls. The text is in English, but easy to figure in other languages and there are various photos, some never published before. Aside from all the major stars such as Granero, manolete, Paquirri and the like, there are several others, some of whom have never had their stories told in English before. The lesser known names include Felix Guzman, Eduardo Liceaga, Meco, Herrerin, Alejandro Cabrera, Gonzalo Rivero, Belmonte De Malaga, Barquero, Antonio Osorio, Cuco, Diego Luna, Cristobal Ortiz, Jose Hernandez Rios "Chato", Raul Basso, Esteban Garcia, Chofer, Tigre, Arturo Banales, Angel Sorio, Angel Castejon, Cassarubios, Jaime Sanchez, and many more.

In Valladolid the annual feria will run from September 3 to 11.

Miguel Raya continues to be a rising star in Spain and has had several triumphs this summer, especially in the southern plazas.

Mexicali bullfights start in late September with Velazquez and two others, extending through May of next year at various Sunday dates. The Calafia bullring seats 10,000 people and has usually housed major stars for its corridas, which isn't bad for a border bullring. Manolo martinez, Mariano Ramos, Solorzano, Jaime Ostos, paco camino, The Armillitas, Marcos Ortega, Curro Rivera and several others all appeared there over the years since the ring was opened in the 1970s.

Zotoluco continues to confirm his position as one of Mexico's top toreros, winnign ears in most of his corridas.

David Valiente had an impressive debut with picadores in Andujar in September.

El Cid is stillr ecovering from a massive goirng which has caused him to miss numerous contracts.

Mexicali to have a bullfight on September 25 with Leonardo Martinez, Zapata and Velazquez.

Typos that cropped up in the Death Rides The Horns book, blamable on the editor./publisher who wanted to dot he book but has no familiarity with bullfights or the Spanish lagnuage, to be ironed out now. Negotiations for translations into Spanish, French and Portuguese are already underway. Available and with typods being repaired now on ebook form at http://www.DeathRidesTheHorns.com

The annual fair in Albacete is being held September 4-17 with Fandi, Juli, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, Joao Moura, Serafin Marin, Anton Cortes, Pepin Leria and others.

Play Me The Song Of Death should be available in Spanish at long last in ebook form ine arly 2006.

Daniel Palencia is a rising young torero from the bullfighting school in Albacete, looking very impresive with smaller bulls.

Mexican torero, Pepe Hillo, is in Spain with representative Jose Antonio Gonzalez :"Chilolin"

The Annual bullfight held the first Sunday in Seotember was cancelled and replanned for a later date following a tremendous rainstorm.

Woman bullfighter, Hilda Tenorio, continues to become an itnernational star of much praise and support.

Zotoluco and Rafael Ortega reconfirmed their cartel in San Luis Potosi by cutting an ear each in a recent corrida.

Alberto Espinosa left on shoulders after a tremendous faena and award of two ears in Escobedo, Mexico recently, where he will receive a repeat contract later in the year.

Victor Pierto was one of the triunfadores of the feria in Ciudad Real in August.

Jose Luis Merino is an artistic torero from southern Spain who is worth keeping an eye on.

Alejandro Talevante wa sinjured by his own sword in August and will be out until late September.

Jose Caraballo is a rising torero from Sp[ain and has just had a big fan club started in his honor.

Enrique Ponce is recuperating from injuries received in Puerto De Santa Maria.

Jesulin De Natalia registered a great triumph in the small plaza of Magan and left on shoulders on August 20.

Alejandro Morillo, a 20 year old torero from Cadiz, is gaining much cartel and looking very impressive when givent he opportunity to perform.

Nerva, in the province of Huelva, Spain, to hold various corridas in the fall.

Rafael Linares is another young Spanish torero who has looked impressive recently, especially with the muleta.

Due to repeated injuries over a long career, Spanish matador Antonio Mondejar has announced retirement.

Practico and onetime novillero David Moss underwent surgery following a heart attack in August, but is recovering.

Zotoluco returns to the Mexican bordertowns of Tijuana and Juarez in September, where he has great cartel.

Antonio Barrera is recovering from injuries received in San Sebastian on August 19th.

Guillermo Alban from South America appeared in both Spain and France with favorable results in August.

Antonio Ferrera cut ears and tail and left on shoulders in Santa Olalla De Cola in a recent corrida inw hich he excelled with capote, banderillas, muleta and sword.

French torero Swan Soto has established great cartel in his native country and recently confirmed the praise he has received with an ear-winning faena in San Gilles on August 20.

Mexican novillero Antonio Garcia has a magnificent new webpage up at http://www.torero-mexicano.com

Tomas Preciado was unexpected triunfador of the feria in Cuenca in August.

Jose Briones is becoming very popular in the Mexican rings and is regarded as a relative newcomer to keep an eye on.

Luis Francisco Espla was injured in Beziers recently and received broken ribs from a tossing while working with the muleta.

El Juli cut ears and left on shoulders in Inca recently.

Stephane Meca cut 3 ears and left on shoulders in Dax, France, on August 13.

Zotoluco to return to Tijuana in late September, following his massive tail-winning tirumph there in late July.

Curro Diaz cut an ear in Barcelona on Aguts 14 and willr eceive repeat contracts.

San Luis Potosi has seen itneresting summertime corridas with Luevano, Rafael Ortega, Zotoluco, Manolo Arruza, Gutierrez, Conde, Briones and others.

LIma De Estopena continues to be a popular torero in the South American rings as does the seemingly ageless Bernardo Valencia.

David Galan took the alternativa in Malaga in August 15 and left on the shoudlers of the crowd.

The new Mexican matador, Velazquez, registered a major triumph in Santa Clara, Mexico , the same city where the ill-fated banderillero Raul Basso met death several decades ago (see who's who section)

Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza emerged as triunfador in the feria in Alfaro, Spain this August.

Javier Conda cut ears and left on shoulders in San Roque on August 14,

Gilberto Ruiz Torres and fellow retired matador, Ricardo balderas, are serving as judges at the Plaza Mexico in Mexico City.

Rene Munoz is becoming an extremely popular Mexican novillero who may be soon to take the alternativa.

Retired matador Manolo Espinosa "Armillita" now raises bulls and makes wine with his sons in the Mexican interior.

Guillermo Capetillo, Manuel Capetillo padre and Manuel Capetillo hijo have recently been working on a film together..

Manolo Vazquez died at the age of 74 in Sevilla this past August

Over a year since his near-fatal goring in Sevilla, Curro Sierra is back on the comeback trail and has been cutting awards in numerous plazas de toros in Spain. The goring which severed the femoral artery in 2004 had doctors worried he would ar first lose his life, than later his leg, but fortunately, neither happened.

Uriel Moreno "Zapata" has been having several triumphs within the Mexican itnerior.

Fabian Barba of Aguascalientes to see action in northern Mexico and the border towns from late summer into the fall months.

Retired matador de toros, Jose Ramon Tirado, is living in California but suffering from a multitude of health problems.

Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza continues to be the foremost rejoneador in the world, with several triumphs in Spain this summer.

Jorge Gutierrez is no proverbial spring chicken any longer, yet in spite of age, continues to exhibit a great deal of enthusiasm and artoistic ability in the Mexican rings.

Leopoldo Casasola continues to look impressive in his various corridas.

Antonio Ferrera cut ears and left on shoulders after a great triumph in St. Vincent, France, on July 24.

Pablo Hermoso De Mendoza left on shoulders after a magnificent showing of rejoneo in Huelva in late July.

Victor Puerto was the triunfador of the Feria De Santiago in Santander this summer.

The Feria De San Agustin in Linares takes place in late August. This is the feria where the famed Manolete lost his life in 1947.

, , While Jorge Prates Peres never did finish his book on scandals int he bullring as of this date and has located himself outside of northern California, nearer the Tijuana area, he does plan to offer a number of materials for sale on eBay in the flal, including bloodless bullfight videos, signed pictures of various toreros from the bloodless bullfights and Tijuana, and some Tijuana posters. Check eBay for the materials if you wish to bid He plans to list all items at once and for one week only. Other queries at JsPeres7@netscape.net but sadly the bloodless bullfight column may be combined with the Portuguese column, being many of the bullfighters are intermingles in these two regions and there have been so few reports he has been able to file this year, starting in 2006.

There will be a photographic book out of Spain, released in 2006, dealing with the history of the Arenas bullring in Barcelona, which closed down years ago.

For information on bloodless bullfights in California try this page at http://ranchcardoso.biz

Bullring and Play Me The Song Of Death by Dale Pierce should be out on ebook form on the net by the end of 2005 in special reissues with illustrations.

Cayetano continues to be the new rave of the press in Spanish corridas.

Atanasio Velazquez, the new matador, continues to look impressive in the Mexican rings and has cut a respectable amount of ears.

Eduardo Gallo is back in action after taking a serious goring earlier this year. In July he cut an ear in Barcelona and is back in all the major plazas.

Espartaco to return to the bullring and the suit of lights in August.

In the recent July corrida in Tijuana, Manolo Arruza and Adame both cut one ear, while Zotoluco cut four ears and a tail.

Find A Place To Die, A Pictorial History Of Death In The West, $4.95 plus $1.50 mailing, offers photos of wild west outlaws, hangings and graveyards, as well as pioneers, wrestlers, actors in silent film and more. There is also a biography and photo of the Spanish torero, Villita, who made numerous Mexican appearances in the 20th century. Alternative Pub., 4245 Francis Way. Lamesa, Ca. 91941.

Bullfighting in the border town of Nuevo Laredo and tourism as a whole has received a major blow due to the continual drug war going on in that border town. With assasinations, shootings and even bazooka attacks (no kidding), the place is starting to look like Vietnam in the 1960s. A pity too, as in more tranquil times the place was a thriving bullfighting center, with Alfredo Leal, Eloy Cavazos, El Cordobes, Marcial Lalanda and several others appearing in its various bullrings.

Fabian Barba continues to look good within the Mexican itnerior. See his website in our links section for schedules and information.

Retired matador Diego O Bolger is now working for a Spanish language newspaper in Tucson, Arizona.

Dan Cook, known for his articles on bloodless bullfighting in the USA in the 1980s, has returned to journalism as an editor of a newspaper in Los Gatos, California.

Julian Lescarret was gored seriously in Beaucosa, France, in late July.

Retired matador Paco Camino has been recovering from stomach surgery following a multitude of health problems.

EBay offers occasional bargains for aficionados, but sometimes the bidding and the offerings get ridiculous. Case in point was a 1934 poster with Juan Belmonte and Domingo Ortega for a "mere" $5,500 opening bid/asking price. Needless to say there were no takers.

Oscar San Roman conquered his repeated problems with the sword and registered a total triumph in the small plaza of Tecozaulta, Mexico, in late July and left on the shoulders of the crowd after giving one of his greatest performances ever. This time he managed to get in fatal swordthrusts, which have long been a problem in the past, causing him to lose awards. On the contrary, his retired uncle, El Queretano, was one of the finest killers of the 1970s.

Sergio Dominguez of La Rioja, Spain, is becoming a very popular rejoneador and has had some major triumphs this season in the smaller rings. Look for him to pick up speed and receive other contracts in the major rings during the autumn months ahead.

Wild West Characters, $6,95 plus mailing via Golden West Publishers, 4113 N. Longview, Phoenix, Arizona 85014, USA, is a book on western history, but includes biographies of olden day toreros such as Harper Lee, Jerezano, Felix Robert and Tomas Parrando as well. Information at http://www.goldenwestpublishers.com for orders.

In spite of his age, Eloy Cavazos continues to register triumoh after triumph in the Mexican rings, large and small alike.

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