Mario Coehlo hijo is in Mexico once again for the winter temporada.

Antonio Ribeiro Telles continues ot be one of the foremost of Portuguese rejoneadores and continues to have tremendous corridas. His 2005 season has been a remarkable one. Look for an itnerview upcoiming with this talented mounted torero, to appear ont his page.

Villaviciosa, Portugal held its annual feria in late September. It was int his town and during this feria in 1947 that the ill-fated Carnicerito de Mexico was killed, dying from a groin wound remarkably like the one that killed his friend, manolete.

The Spaniard, El Fundi, is supposedly going to make some rare appearances in Portugal in 2006.

Moura Jr continues to follow in the footsteps of his famous father and gain cartel both in Portugal and in Spanish corridas.

California-based composer and band leader David Costa is supposed to be writing a new pasodoble in tribute to Victor Ribeiro.

Morenito De Portugal, the black bullfighter, is gaining much cartel in the Portuguese rings, in the style of the retired great, Ricardo Chibanga.

Luis Vidal Procuna to appear in bloodless bullfights oin the USA in 2006, but only on a limited basis, as he has been receiving and presumedly will receive a number of Spanish and Portuguese contracts. He has especially won praise for his work with the banderillas.

The novillero Fabian Machado, will have a number of bullfights in both Spain and Portugal during the fall.

Mario Coehlo hijo seems to be improving with the sword. While masterful with capote, banderillas and muleta, he has lost numerous ears due to poor kills when in Spain. In Portugal, where this is not a topic of consideration, he enjoys much more cartel.

Pavoa De Varzin has seen some itneresting bullfights this summer with Rui Salvador, Ana Batista, Paulo Jorge Ferreira, Joaquim bastinhas, and others.

The cavaleiro, Marco Jose, to make his presentation in Las Ventas in Madrid in August.

Paulo Jorge Santos cut an ear in his presentation in Estella, Spain, in the north of that country, but could not outdo the Spaniard, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, who cut a pair of ears during the same bullfight.

The Mazatlan forcados, one of the most popular teams in Latin America, are to appear in Portugal late in the season.

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