The fine print says, "Potential side effects associated with the use of all insulins include low blood sugar, weight gain, low blood potassium, changes in fat tissues at the site of injection and allergic reactions both general and local." In short, none of the "benefits" that we'd hoped human insulins would bring have been found to result from using it. The ONLY known benefit to human insulin is that it is much more profitable to sell!  Bottom line, changing insulin should NOT be done.

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This page is presented as a service to Diabetics who may not have seen Lilly's Notice of the termination of Iletin® I insulin production by Eli Lilly. I apologize for the legibility, but, as you know, it's a trade off and this was my compromise.

It is noteworthy that Lilly displays its propaganda efforts by raising the antibody issue (which has been shown to have absolutely NO clinical benefit in the treatment of diabetes or insulin allergies or insulin dystrophies) and which is likely one of the main reasons for the difference in the activity curves and the ADA's showing of tremendous activity differences between human and animal and may also impact the hypoglycemia unawareness issues.

The assertion that Humulin® is the best replacement for Iletin® is simply false.  The failure to mention the loss of hypoglycemia symptoms associated with transfer to human is virtually criminal as is the failure to clearly warn of the activity curve differences.

The "improved immunogenicity" propaganda also begs the question of the impurity of Humulin® or Humalog®.

Why should US diabetics be forced to undergo this tremendous risk? Check how one diabetic reacted to these insulins!

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End of Iletin 1 Beef

It appears that this page is pure propaganda with little or no basis in scientific fact.  Check the activity curve differences, the experiences of diabetics using the insulins and the implied impurity lie.  Read the Bellagio Report, the recommendations of the Nuffield Study, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, the ADA,  the BDA, and the CDA! Note the © dates! Then look at what these folks have done with the hundreds of millions in research dollars collected in our names. Also, check their political habits and ownership of the US Congress!

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