Introduction to the *New* Elfquest: The Addiction

Once, there was a site called "The House of Hope." After six months and maybe six visitors, it was completely redesigned, so that the site might receive more interest. Its new title was Elfquest: The Addiction.

Now, my semi-successful fanfic page is evolving one step further. From this day forth, The Addiction shall be a site that will provide more than fan fiction. There shall be information files, resources for visitors to see and use, an expanded lineup of humor files, and many more things.

*In short*: This is the new Addiction page. Welcome!

What's Here

RE: EQ (Basic Info) -- This is my first compilation of information. It's the basic scoop on Elfquest - what every fan needs to know.

In-Depth Information -- Unfinished at this time. When it is finished, though, there will be multiple pages of detailed information on the comic, its creators, and even its fans.

My Fanfics -- Like before, this is where I will keep my Elfquest fan fiction.

Fanfic-Related Stuff -- An extension of the fanfic page. This is where I will shelve my thoughts on fan fiction, EQ fanfic, insights, editorials, and anything else. At the moment, there is only the 'Quiz Profiles. This will change in a few weeks.

Humor Files -- The storehouse for my attempts at humor. I plan to expand this in the near future.

Links (Unified) -- All the links, ranging from EQ to American comics to just about anything else.

Links (Image-Free) -- Faster loading links!

Legal Disclaimer -- The necessary legal information.

Site History -- A brief history of this site.

Updates -- What's new on the pages.

This page was last updated, by Alan (John Alan Riggs), on March 5, 1999. Please refer to the Disclaimer page for legal information.

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