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The ElfQuiz Parody

Are you a newcomer to this project? Then start with the Foreword to "The ElfQuiz Parody".

Well, if you read that and like the idea, you're probably ready for the rest of the fanfic. It's all mapped out in the "ElfQuiz Parody" Table of Contents. Now you can easily figure out which chapter goes with which Take-a-Look!

Table of Contents

Take-a-Look 1: Perspire and Blight

Introduction: The Last Scene You Ever Thought You'd See. . . Chapter One: In the Market for One New Holt . . . Chapter Two: From There to Somewhere Else (Not Back Again) . . . Chapter Three: Stepping in and Messing Everything Up . . . Chapter Four: A Most Interesting Rivalry . . . Chapter Five: The Wolfrider Culture at Its Finest . . . Chapter Six: Call It a Zwoot Quest

TAL 1 is now also available in .txt format...

Intro - Chapter 2
Chapter 3 - 4
Chapter 5 - 6

Take-a-Look 2: The Flea-Bitten Glove

Chapter One: The Quiz Has Already Started... (Entertaining Humans) . . . Chapter Two: The Trouble with Woodlock (The Falling Rain) . . . Chapter Three: The Weird Wildlife Woods (A Strangeness of Her Own) . . . Chapter Four: It Takes More Than a Village (Feeling Lost?) . . . Chapter Five: Trial by Humans (Enter Windkid the Glider) . . . Chapter Six: What is "The Flea-Bitten Glove Anyway? (It's the Pit)

TAL 2 is now also available in .txt format... *Warning*: The text is wider than most browsers. If you prefer this method, copy the text into any advanced word processor first. This will reduce the amount of necessary horizontal scrolling.

Chapter 1 - 2
Chapter 3 - 4
Chapter 5 - 6

Take-a-Look 3: Curtains for Glue Fountain

Chapter One: Spirit Wars, Episode Two . . . Chapter Two: The GAME . . . Chapter Three: The Social Merry-Go- Round . . . Chapter Four: Let the GAME Begin . . . Chapter Five: Bagfrogs, Explosions, Surprises, and Other Unpleasant Things . . . Conclusion: The Original Plot Outline of TAL 3...

TAL 3 is now also available in .txt format. *Warning*: Again, the text is wider than most browsers.

Chapter 1 - 3
Chapter 4 - 5, Conclusion

TAL 4: Test Send

Chapter One: No Free Lunches . . . Chapter Two: Another Word for Pain . . . Chapter Three: The Flying Machine . . . Chapter Four: Tear the Building Down . . . Chapter Five: Invasion of Privacy . . . Chapter Six: An Obligatory Fight Scene . . . Chapter Seven: What Have We Learned?
That... is all.

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ElfQuiz: Death/Rebirth (The First and Last Movies)

Yes, this is another less-than-serious retelling of the story. Besides the script format, though, everything has been written from scratch. The 'Quiz movies are less deliberately silly than the Revisionist History, but they have an entirely different charm. As this is released (one installment every two weeks or so), you'll see what I mean!

Installment 1: The Escape to Victory? . . . Installment 2: Here's Cutter . . . Installment 3: Trials of the Hand, Head, and Heart . . . Installment 4: Rime of the Ancient Monster . . . Installment 5: The Human Element . . . Installment 6: Way to the Top . . . Installment 7: The Most Likely Outcome . . . Installment 8: Curses, Curses / Foiled Again

Next will be 'Quiz: Rebirth. It might be mid-March before that begins...

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The Daughters of Strongbow: A Self-MSTing

*Part One*

The first part of the story is available in two formats...

Chapter 1: Three Parties
Chapter 2: Meetings
Chapter 3: Foxfur's Plan
Chapter 4: Breaking the Peace
Chapter 5: The Little Things
Chapter 6: The "Evil" Draws Near
Chapter 7: Into the Night
Chapter 8: Winners and Losers

Entire File in HTML (poorly formatted)

*Part Two*
Now complete!

Chapter 1: Childhood Screams
Chapter 2: Strange Encounters
Chapter 3: A Time for Peace (and a short)
Short: Extreme Weirdness ch. 1
Chapter 4: Joy at Last, part 1
Chapter 4, part 2

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Other Projects

Sweet Water is an unfinished story. It began as a fusion with Ranma 1/2, but the story drifted off in the second chapter. I don't plan to continue this one, but I may use a few of its ideas in 'Quiz Rebirth.

Evil Patch is the beginning of a story. If I continue it, it will be a darkly humorous story. Time will tell...

*New Info--April 2000*
'Quiz Rebirth will be the next story. It will also be the *last* story in the ElfQuiz universe. That's why I'm delaying it, to make sure it's halfway decent...

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