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Great news! I finaly have my webserver up and running! Click here to go to my website with no ads and no pop-ups! (still working out the bugs)




Latest Updates:


1/31/05    Updated my Fish pages, and also created a new page for my Goldfish ponds & tanks.


5/5/04    Uploaded some more 3d designs I have made of "mechwarriors". I have lots more 3d renderings and animations I hope to get on the site soon. 


5/3/04    Uploaded some of my progress on my Thunderbird project. Pics of the 351W motor and discussion of my buildup plans. 



4/20/04    Started on my Garden & Crafts page. Includes projects and crafts I have made for around the house & garden.

4/8/04    After a long period of unemployment and no internet I have finally got broadband back! latest addition to my website now is my freshwater fish and aquarium page



10/8/02    Added stuff to my 3D Graphic Designs page including my own designed Mechwarriors, Pod Racers, and landscapes, etc. Also updated  Project Big Bronco page, including engine buildup info and my stereo installation.



4/5/02    Wedding page is here! Get all the info on our wedding here



2/27/02    Uploaded 2 new pages! My Electronics projects page. Microprocessor stuff, car audio stuff, etc. And my electromagnetic COIL GUN page.   ALSO check out my Graphics Design page. Got a lot of 3D images finally uploaded. Mountain scenes, tesla coil components, and Battlestation designs.                      



2/3/02    Uploaded pics and info on Project Big Bronco. 2" lift installed.



11/13/01    Working on my science fiction page. Lots of stuff will be up soon. Also working on revamping my ENTIRE WEBSITE. Will take probably take a couple months. I just got too much stuff I need to better organize and add some fancy effects.



10/7/01   Uploaded lots of pics for my picture gallery of the Cleveland Air Show from 9/2/01. Now my Bryce 3D designs are available on my new Graphic Designs page! Check 'em out!



9/7/01    I am transitioning everything from my old website and I have everything moved. Now starting on some new pages: Project Big Bronco, Downhill Skiing, Project Sleeping Thunder, and my F-150 page, LOTS OF NEW STUFF!!! 



9/1/01      I have finally got to working on my webpage again! I vow to continually improve upon it.

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This webpage originally born on 5-11-99. Last updated on 1-31-05


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