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Graphic Designs

I created all the following graphics using Bryce 3D. All graphics I have made are free for you to do with as you like (of course a mention of me somewhere with them would be nice - but not required). 

JPG's first, videos at bottom (mpg's etc.)

Due to the number of thumbnails it may take a moment to load.

Contact me if you have Bryce3D and would like me to email the files.



Some of these pics are quite large!


mech_2and1.JPG (40231 bytes) mech_1anim.JPG (25333 bytes) mech_2_lasers.JPG (33067 bytes) mech_4_camo.JPG (32611 bytes) Mad_Dog_final.JPG (16596 bytes)

I really like the computer game series Mechwarriors so I thought I would try and design some 'Mechs myself. More Mechs soon to be uploaded!



brcemnt.JPG (92137 bytes) mountain1.JPG (91658 bytes) barn2.JPG (99707 bytes)

castle.JPG (79341 bytes) A medieval castle inside a lake-filled volcano?


Star Wars like Pod Racers:

pod_2MOV.JPG (13950 bytes) podracing1.JPG (127549 bytes) podracing1x2.JPG (123007 bytes)

I thought the Pod Racers from Ep 1 were really cool so I ventured to make a few designs of my own. But I have alot more... CLICK HERE for more pod racer pics!


Klingon Battlestation designs:

stationx1.JPG (7586 bytes) stationx2a.JPG (37308 bytes)

stationx4crop.JPG (11061 bytes) stationx_4side.JPG (36948 bytes) stationx4_alt1crop.JPG (26020 bytes)


Misc. Sci-fi:

tie_x.JPG (41055 bytes) Tie Defender & X-Wing space1.JPG (30001 bytes)


Tesla Coil Models & components:

teslacoil_1.JPG (27271 bytes) teslacoil2.JPG (24238 bytes) sparkgap4.JPG (44686 bytes) RSG_4.JPG (19911 bytes) Model of complete Tesla Coil and model of the sparkgaps that I built and use.



MPEG Movies

Under construction

Thats it so far! More to come soon!


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