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Science fiction

For the time being, this page will just be a collage of all sorts of different science fiction stuff. Eventually I will brake it down into a few pages. 

Star Trek


torve1[1].jpg (94663 bytes)

My imperial Klingon outfit (1998)

klingon-1.JPG (54779 bytes)

My outfit when I first made it (1997)

klingon-3.JPG (67706 bytes)

Another showing the Painstaff I built (1997)

painstaff.JPG (10646 bytes)

A zoomed pic of the Painstaff in operation (the spark jumps across the two small metal electrodes sticking out the top)

klingbop.gif (75871 bytes)

A neat Bird of Prey pic.

meqleh.jpg (32406 bytes)

A Klingon Meq'leth I constructed out of 1/4" aluminum. I have made a total of 3 of these plus many more Klingon weapons.

neghvar.jpg (75630 bytes)

The Klingon Negh'var battleship.

An image I made of a Vor'cha Attack Cruiser blasting away at the enterprise. (1997)

mod_kvort.JPG (364132 bytes)

A modified k'vort cruiser I designed for my klingon house (house Fu'Barr). I have indicated the modified parts, although the description doesnt show here. 

Disruptor1.JPG (58759 bytes)

A disruptor resin model kit I built and made custom electronics for including triple lasers & display that you can choose 3 sequences.

Disruptor2.JPG (40998 bytes)

This shot you can see the display, control switches and speed control knob.

Disruptor3.JPG (41436 bytes)

You can sort of see the 3 lasers I put in, near the top-right. They make a triangular pattern.


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