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Quantum Two

This is the second complete Tesla Coil I have built.  I should definitely mention all my friends who have also helped in the construction of this coil (and Quantum One).  Perhaps I will get a photograph of all of us, but until then I can just mention names: Craig Weirich, Chris Crumbliss, Joe Miller, Garrick Daft, and myself (Tristan Stewart).

Well, here it is! (9k)

I am sitting by the coil so you can see approximately how big the coil really is. (11k)

It's time for some sparks!
(7k)                    (9k)                     (9k)                     (8k)

(5k)                    (8k)                    (2k)                   (6k)

(7k)                  (8k)                  (7k)

     Here is a few shots of the coil ready to run in the garage. (13k, 8k)

A good view of Quantum One. (10k)

Check this picture out - I am sitting underneath 5 foot arcs! (42k)
45Amp Powerstat Variac. (10k)

General Electric Pulse Capacitor. (6k)

General Electric Voltage Transformer. (6k)

  Primary coil. (14k)

Coil Specification:

Primary Components:

-14400V Potential Transformer (rated at 1500VA)
-safety gap
-.04uF 40kV Pulse Capacitor
-20 turn primary coil, #8AWG, close-wound, tapped at 16 turns, flat spiral
-rotary spark gap

Secondary Components:

-6"PVC coil form, #28AWG enameled wire, 24" winding length, polyurethane coated
-two ground rod(3' long each) buried and connected with #6AWG
-toroid: a 8"x21" steel stovepipe toroid with two 4" diameter aluminum ducts wrapped around the outside.

More detailed descriptions will be included in the near future.

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