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Project:   BIG BRONCO 




The guy I got it from had already begun to restore it, overall it was in decent shape.

Here is the info (as of purchase date):

1978 Ford Bronco Custom 

351M (5.8L) Rebuilt stock (except .040 over-bore)

4x4 part-time (np205 transfer case)

C6 auto tranny (rebuilt)

Dual exhaust, glasspacks

Super Swamper TSL's 33x12.50x15

Fresh coat of silver-metallic paint

new 35 gallon gas tank

Now for what I have done to it:

Click here to go to my modifications page (detailing everything from motor to suspension). I describe exactly what I did and what differecne it made, each step of the way.

Click here to go to my custom stereo install detailing my system that uses brand new sony Xplod 6x9's, Xplod 6.5", a couple amps, JL 18" subwoofer etc.




2" lift installed. Not much, but its a start! And the tires don't rub [as much] anymore!





Added extra reverse lights & license plate frame... but man do I need a new tailgate and glass!!!


I installed purple headlights! Thought I would try to be different seeing how everyone else has either super bright white or blue tinted lights.



When I first got it.




Nice front end pic of the beast.




How does my '78 stack up against my '99?

Email me and tell me which one you prefer!



My first ever mud tires... super swampers


1_02_side.JPG (79076 bytes) 1_02_front2.jpg (64253 bytes)
1_02_angle.jpg (62305 bytes)

rear1.JPG (42275 bytes)


lights1.jpg (49538 bytes)


bronco6.jpg (74649 bytes)


BRONCO13.JPG (101798 bytes)


BRONCO14.JPG (104913 bytes) sidebyside1.JPG (121349 bytes)


superswamper.jpg (77352 bytes)

Lots more pictures on Project Big Bronco Page 2

including problems and damage I have taken thus far...

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