Hello downhill skiers!!! This page is devoted to my favorite winter sport DOWNHILL SKIING!

I started downhill skiing January 2000 at age 21. Boy I wish I would have tried it sooner! To be honest I was always terrified of it as a kid. Maybe that's why I like it so much now. I really like the outdoors and scenery and piece of mind you get in the mountains, but I love the adrenaline rush too! My folks even started skiing then too! We had always cross-country skied since I was small and I love that too.

Ski Resorts Bagged: [biggest to smallest, roughly]

Whiteface Mnt,. New York

Killington, Vermont

Gore Mnt, New York

Pico, Vermont

Titus Mnt, New York

Holliday Valley, New York

Seven Springs, Pennsylvania

McCauley Mnt, New York

Dry Hill, New York

Mad River, Ohio


My current gear:  Völkl G31 skis (aka mid-fats) 188 length, with Look 7.0 Maxplate bindings. These are killer skiis! Lange Boots.  Paid about 1,000 for the setup.

Völkl G31's:


Here is my fiancé and I at Seven Springs (3/01):


Here are photos I have so far. Hold cursor over for brief description (if your computer supports this). Click on thumbnail to enlarge.

Gore Mnt New York, Christmas of '00. Myself, Mom & Dad

chairlift up Gore  (72780 bytes) Experts Only sign  (63922 bytes) Me myself and I  (79818 bytes)

View from chairlift (53446 bytes) Mom & Dad  (67082 bytes) Trail on Gore (71986 bytes)

View of Gore summit from Gore's midpoint (66648 bytes) Mom & Me  (78411 bytes)

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