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I want to here from you! I get lots of emails from people asking about projects I have on my website and related stuff. So feel free to ask away. I usually answer email in a couple of days. 


Due to the overwhelming amount of junk mail I have received on previous accounts, I no longer use most of them. And to cut down on junk mail, I am 'encrypting' my email address. It is:


***Delete the Z's***

***Delete the Z's***


Cut and paste it into your email or click it, but delete out all the Z's, leaving no spaces. Sorry for the confusion / inconvenience, but hopefully this will keep the automated junk mailers from getting my true email address. 

The email is a combination of Thunder Bird, and Bird of Prey. Thunderbird being my car, and Bird of Prey from the Trekkie in me (the Bird of Prey is a Klingon Warship). I hope eventually my car will live up to its new name, a warship who is quick and maneuverable, and who's battle will be waged against the evil sport compacts lol!


Again, thank you  for your interest in my webpages.

Webmaster Tristan Stewart

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