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Here is some crafts I made for around the house and garden.

hbasket1.JPG (68805 bytes) Here is a copper hanging basket I made from copper tubing, copper wire, and a coconut fiber liner. Its not perfectly shaped and even, because its the prototype ( I plan on making more of them). Gives it the hand-made look.

hbasket5.JPG (54130 bytes)

hbasket6.JPG (97611 bytes)

I couple pictures of the construction of the copper hanging basket. You can see the 'jig' I used to make the different loops and curves with. I soldered everything together with a propane torch and solder. When it was all done, I cleaned it, sanded it with fine steel wool until it was very shiny, and sprayed it with clear polyurethane so it will retain its luster for a while.

hbasket4.JPG (33480 bytes)

hbasket3.JPG (55371 bytes)


I had just finished the basket, havent put the chains on it yet.



hbasket2.JPG (110589 bytes)

Another pic of the hanging basket after we put new flowers in it.



terracotafountain.JPG (68500 bytes) This is a terra cotta water fountain I made with clay pots, rocks, and a small fountain pump. Topped off with a small bonsai tree.

birdhotel1.JPG (99731 bytes)

What I call my 'Bird Hotel'. Not finished yet. Just put it up yesterday. It has 2 birdhouses, a large feeder, and an experimental squirrel baffle.

fountain2.JPG (90457 bytes)

Here is a revised fountain. The base saucer wasnt working out so I swapped it for a different type.


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