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In my popularization, I  will emphasize  training objectives that focus on how to do things practical in the real world in contrast to more abstract objectives that may be more suitable for an academic setting.  

Many  instructional  manuals are either too general or too technical. They cover too little or too much. There are also many inspiring volumes published by or about individuals who have accomplished extraordinary things, yet they fail to transfer desirable knowledge or skills. This is because well knows instructional design principles have either been ignored or simply there was not interest in developing instruction. 

Another problem is the range of instruction. According to Allan Cooper, author of The Inmates Are Running the Asylum, technical design whether for software or manuals tends to focus on beginners or experts and neglects the needs of the majority of intermediates, those who passed the beginners stage and have no need or desire to become experts. They want to know just enough to accomplish the task on hand. 

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