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Strategic Naval Gunnery Thumbnails

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1st_Guad_all.gif (70081 bytes) The 1st Battle of Guadalcanal

2nd guad_all.gif (78244 bytes)The 2nd Battle of Guadalcanal

august_all.gif (30842 bytes)The Kaiser's Pirates (SNG August Scenario)

barrage1_all.gif (43848 bytes)Barrage (A what If the US WW 1 BB squadron engages a German BB squadron)

bosphorus_all.gif (30872 bytes)Black Sea Campaign (the bombardment of Bosphorus)

jaws of death_all.gif (27832 bytes)Battle of Tsu Shima (into the jaws of death)

jutland_map_all.gif (27515 bytes)Battle of Jutland map view

jutland_view_all.gif (38158 bytes)Battle of Jutland battle view

jutland_events.gif (23230 bytes)Battle of Jutland communications log (events view)

plate.gif (18936 bytes)Battle of River Plate

rtts_all.gif (32386 bytes)Battle of Jutland (Run-to-the-south)

yellow_all.gif (59882 bytes)Battle of Yellow Sea

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