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Strategic Naval Gunnery Scenario Descriptions
(Historical naval gunnery action simulator.  Gunnery action in the period from 1898 to 1944)

47 tactical scenarios and 14 campaign scenarios are now available to play on the internet or solitare.

1905 IRNvsRN
Hypothetical conflict worldwide

Konigsberg in the Indian Ocean
Karlsruhe and Dresden
1914 The Far Seas
Full Campaign, Strategic Naval Gunnery
1914 The Far Seas Variant
modified Entente positions and situations
Black Sea Campaign
WW1, Russians, in-work
Dogger Bank
This scenario has all the ships available in the North Sea prior to the Dogger Bank action.
The Cruise of the Emden
You be the Emden captain
Hunt for theGoeben
What could you do? More than 36 ships face the Goeben.
Indian Ocean Campaign
Emden and Konigsberg
Spanish American War
The USN has a lot to do in Cuba. The Spanish ships are weak. Could you bombard New York City?
Solomon Islands
Although land and air operations have not yet been implemented, there are still many interesting situations in this scenario. It is a monster scenario with over 200 ships.
South Seas Squadron
Von Spee's only
South Seas plus
Add the BC Blucher to South Seas Sqdn

Name Date Length Difficulty Comment
1st Guadalcanal 11.13.1942 30 mins to
1 hour
moderate The great melee. 1 variant
2nd Guadalcanal 11.15.1942 30 mins to
1 hour
hard US BBs take on the Kirishima. 3 variants
2nd Guadalcanal
11.15.1942 30 mins to
1 hour
hard Same as 2ndGuad.rvt but with varied IJN starting positions. This creates uncertainty for the USN and possibilities for the IJN.
Baltic Snare WW I 1-2 hours moderate Hypothetical engagement in the Baltic in WW1.
Barrage hypothetical 1 hour moderate WW 1:  US BBs and GB BBs vs. German BBs. 1 variant
Cape Esperance 10.11.1942 30 mins to
1 hour
USN: moderate
IJN: very hard
First USN night surface victory. 1variant
Cape Sarych 11.18.1914 15-30 mins moderate SE of Sevastopol.  Goeben vs. Russian pre-dreadnoughts. 1 var
Coronel BB 11.2.1914 1 hour

G: easy
B: hard

A what if scenario. The Canopus has joined Craddock. Lets see if the SSS can deal with 12in guns? Will it make a difference?
Denmark Strait 05.24.1941 1 hour hard Bismarck's attempt to reach the Atlantic.
Dogger Bank 01.23.1915 1-3 hour(s) hard Hipper loses the Blucher.
Dogger Bank
01.23.1915 1-3 hour(s) hard Same. But, with more uncertainty and better gameplay.
Dogger Bank 5 01.23.1915 1 hour moderate This Dogger Bank variant emphasizes the big guns.
Empress Augusta Bay 11.2.1943 30 mins to 1 hour hard Japanese attempt to break up Bougainville invasion
Falklands 12.13.1914 1 hour B: moderate
G: Hard
von Spee's chance for martyrdom. Can you make it happen?
Falklands 6AM 12.13.1914 1 hour Hard This scenario is under construction. Features the grounded Canopus.
Finland Gulf   1 hour moderate Engagement in WW1 at the entrance to the Gulf of Finland.
Flandres Encounter hypothetical 2 hours Hard Renown Class Bcs and Glorious light Bcs vs. the awesome York and Mackensens Panzerslachtkreuzers in a great battle near the belgian coast. Includes also Revenge and Sachsen/Bayern BBs.
French Kuk hypothetical 1-2 hour(s) hard French vs. Austrian dreadnoughts, 1 variant
Gotland   1 hour moderate Russians intercept German mine laying forces in the Batltic early in WW1
Helgoland Bight hypothetical 1 hour moderate Hypothetical engagement in the Baltic in WW1 resulting from training operations.
Helgoland Bight Raid 08.28.1914 2 hours hard British successful raid on Germans. But a near disaster.
High School hypothetical 1 hour moderate Hypothetical engagement in the Baltic in WW1 resulting from training operations.
Horthys Raid 05.17.1917 1 to 1 1/2 hour(s) moderate Allied pursuit of Austrian raiders following attack on drifter line in Adriatic. 1 variant
Iowa hypothetical 30 mins to 1 hour moderate Engagement with the Yamatos.
Java Sea 02.27.1942 1-2 hour(s) moderate Japanese destroy the ABDA fleet
Jutland 05.31.1916 3-12 hours very hard Every ship is there for you to command. There are also 4 variant battles available
(BBs only)
05.31.1916 1 hour moderate This simplified variant allows you to examine closely the various possibilities for the 6 main fleed battle squadrons engaged in clear weather.
(Capital ships only)
05.31.1916 1-2 hours moderate All the historical factors and situation are there. But, only the capital ship formations are included to simplify the action.
KM Raid hypothetical 1-2 hour(s) hard Kriegmarine raids Belfast with BBs, BCs, PBs, and CAs to hamper RN support of Malta. 1 variant
Komandorski Islands 03.26.1943 30 mins to 1 hour hard Japanese defend convoy, longest continuous surface battle ever fought. 1 variant
Korean Strait 08.14.1904 30 mins to 1 hour moderate The Battle of Ulsan in the Russo-Japanese War.
Kula Gulf 07.05.1943 30 mins to 1 hour moderate US cruiser bombardment grp vs. Japanese DD Transports. 1 var.
Pola Blockade hypothetical 1 to 2 hours hard An opportunity to see the French BBs and ACs fight the Tegetthoffs.
Riposte hypothetical 1 1/2 to 2 hours hard French Marine Nationale Battleships against the main Kriegmarine battlefleet. A fast and great pursuit across the Atlantic.
River Plate 12.13.1939 2 plus hours very hard Graf Spee vs. 3 British cruisers. 1 variant
Rodney hypothetical 30 mins to 1 hour moderate Rodney vs. Scharnhorst and Gniesnau
RTTS 05.31.1916 3-8 hours very hard Jutland, Run-to-the-south. 3 variants
Run to the South
(Capital ships only).
05.31.1916 1-2 hours moderate. Focuses on long range gunnery. This is one of the most enjoyable scenarios. Always a challenge. It is a pure big gun action. Very good for an introduction to Internet play. The starting position variations make each session different. A very evenly balanced scenario.
Santiago 00.00.1898 1 hour moderate The Spanish are very weak. And, the USN shoots poorly. Can you do any better than Cervera?
Tassafaronga 11.30.1942 1 hour hard Tokyo Express destroyers vs. US cruiser sqdn. 3 variants
Tassafaronga (simplified variant) 11.30.1942 1 hour hard This variant of Tassafaronga has all IJN DDs in 1 formation.
Tsu Shima 05.27.1905 3-5 hours very hard All the ships. The whole day
Tsu Shima
(main battle)
05.27.1905 1 hour moderate The Russian ships are in text book condition at full efficiency. What could have happened if the Russians fought at their design state?
Vela Gulf 10.06.1943 2 hours hard US vs. Japan DDs off Kolombangara. 1 variant
Vella Lavella 10.06.1943 1 hour moderate Japanese attempt to evacuate troops stranded on Vella Lavella. A DD battle.
Yellow Sea 8.10.1904 1 hour hard Russo - Japanese War, a slug fest. Who will win this time? 5 variants
Yellow Sea
08.10.1904 1 hour hard This is an excellent scenaro for beginners. Good ship handling can be learned. Also, good for practising gunnery technique; especially Distribution of Fire. This is a fun scenario.
Yellow Sea
(main fleets only).
08.10.1904 1 hour hard Same as YellowSea.rvt; but, without the 2 detached AC squadrons.

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