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Run to the South (RTTS)

Battle of Jutland, 1916, the Germans run to the south.

This picture was selected to show you what the essence of the goals of the Strategic Naval Gunnery design are.

You are Hipper in the 1st Scouting Group(A). You and 2nd Scouting Group(B) have just chased and destroyed all 4 CLs of the 1st Light Cruiser Squadron(c). You were in the process on doing the same to 3LCS(d) when the 5th Battle Squadron(e) came into view at 21ky to the West.

Now, this is a very complex situation. You need to make a major decision. You could run to the East. The visibility may hamper the shooting of the 5BS or even worsen to allow you to escape. Of course, the visibility could break and you would be at the mercy of 32 of the best guns ever made(the 15" MK1). An additional big factor is the High Seas Fleet(F) attempting to cut off the British Battlecruiser Fleet.  And that is the objective of this operation. The III Battle Squadron is about 50 miles to the South-West and about 40 miles from the 5BS. Destroying the 5BS would even be worth the sacrifice of the 1SG. If you flee to the East, there is no hope of the III BS assisting. If you head SW and the 5BS attempts to parallel you beyond your gun range, then the closing rate to the IIIBS is about 45kts. You could bring the IIIBS into action in about an hour. Could you survive that long against the 5BS? Maybe your light forces of 5 CLs and 6 Half-Flotillas of DDs(30 DDs in total)(B,H) could put pressure on the 5BS? And what will the British light forces(g) do? Where is Beatty with his 6 Battlecrusiers? Where is the Grand Fleet?

An expert player with tactical vision would also consider sea state, wind direction, and sun lighting effects. Moreover, you could drop the Prinzregent Luitpold and gain 1 knot and 1 mile after an hour. And, you could force the machinery of IIIBS by ordering 'Utmost Speed' and gain another mile. There are risks, of course. But these subtleties can be the margin of victory.

No matter how you play it, this is going to be total tension. Very similar in scope to the Battle of Gettysburg. You could replay this situation hundreds of times with different results. Only the best and most experienced leadership will prevail consistently.

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