Strategic Naval Gunnery (SNG)
(previously "Raider Operations"(RO) and "Naval Gunnery Campaigns"(NGC))

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The HSR Club is the place to be for all the historical naval gunnery campaigns and battles. "SNG and all new versions will be free to HSR Club members".

Please go to the SNG Forum for news about the HSR Club.

Our Mission

Developing multi-player (with strong solitaire play), historical strategy games for Windows (and compatible Operating Systems) and the Internet. Specializing in surface ship combat. Featuring state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, with plausibility as the cornerstone of development.

Site Purpose

This site exists mainly to give you some feeling for what it is like to play the Strategic Naval Gunnery game (previously Raider Operations).

  • There are annotated screenshots via the [ SNG Scenarios ] page.
  • There are also examples of other game features throughout the site.
  • The SNG Forum [ Strategic Naval Gunnery Forum: ] contains exciting After Action Reports (AARs).

We hope you enjoy these screenshots and AARs as much as we did while we were playing those games.

You can experience these campaigns and battles yourself by becoming a member of the HSR Club [ SNG Store ].

Comments by one of our play testers:

"Just a quick scouting report from the 2nd Cruiser Division.

I have been shadowing the Russians now for over 5 hours in variable visibility from 8k-22k. The gun boats, the 1st Cruiser Div and the 4th Cruiser Div have been assisting.

The tension has been building and soon the Russians will be delivered up into the jaws of Togo's main battle fleet.

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I do. And, I'm looking forward to playing this one with several humans on each side."

The annotated screen-shot "Into the Jaws of Death" can be seen via the Scenarios page or by clicking here [ Tsu Shima ]

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