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Tsu Shima

Battle of Tsu Shima, May 27, 1905

The situation you see here is the culmination of 5 hours of shadowing by 4 IJN scouting forces.
Upon first contact, Togo departed Masampo, Korea for the intercept to the East of Tsu Shima.
The Russian Fleet has passed between Tsu Shima and Ikishima. A bit of Kyushu shows in the
bottom right corner. Only the 1st Battle Squadron and 2 CLs of the Baltic Fleet are shown because
the IJN player does not currently have contact with the other Russian ships. You can see from the tracks
that Togo has a cruiser squadron ahead and the destroyer flotillas astern of his battle line of 2 battle squadrons.
This map can be zoomed in/out for 6 levels of detail. And, each ship and squadron can be identified by mouse cursor movement

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