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Battle of Jutland, May 31, 1916

In this overview of the Battle of Jutland you can see that the Grand Fleet is engaging the High Seas Fleet at about 10ky. The 2nd Battle Squadron(A)
is leading the 4th Battle Squadron(B) and the 1st Battle Squadron(C) to the North-East. The III Battle Squadron(h) and the I Battle Squadron(i) have
concentrated fire on the 2BS. You can see this by the dashed light blue fire assignment lines. They have sunk the Erin(D) and have forced the Orion and
Centurion(E) out of line. British fire has 2BS and 1BS on IIIBs with 4BS on IBS. This is shown by the solid purple fire assignment lines. The weight of
British fire has severely damaged the Prinzregent Luitpold in IIIBS with 30 heavy hits.

The Battlecruiser forces are involved simultaneously in a separate action about 20 miles to the south.

The most interesting aspect of this picture is the station keeping of the supporting ships.

5 British DD flotillas(F) are assembled and ready to make torpedo runs if needed.

Three cruiser squadrons(G) are being held in reserve. Due to the visibility, these ships cannot be seen by the German player.

On the German side, the 4th Scouting Group(j) is assembled and ready to attack if needed. The II Battle Squadron(k) is keeping its distance in the rear.
These are the 'funf minunten schiffe' pre-dreadnoughts. The German player has additional squadrons in reserve; but, these are beyond the visibility of the
British ships and are not shown on this plot.

The magenta sector shows what is in the field of vision of 4BS in looking to the ESE.

Battle view

There are 5 battle squadrons in this view. In the left foreground are the last 2 ships of the Grand Fleet in the 1st Battle Squadron: Hercules(A) and Agincourt(B). Hercules has just fired a salvo and Agincourt is lit up by the flashes of a full 14 gun broadside. The last 3 ships of the 2nd Battle Squadron(C) are on the left edge. They are Orion class of the 2nd Division. The Division flagship Orion(C2) is severely damaged and has been forced out of line. The light cruiser Boadicea(C1) is cutting through the line. The 4th Battle Squadron(D) follows the 1st. All 8 members can be seen being led by Iron Duke. The large size of Canada(D1) is apparent.

The battle line of the High Seas Fleet is in the background. The III Battle Squadron is led by Konig(e). She has just shot a 7 gun salvo. You can see barrel smoke(f) drifting down the German line. The last 3 ships of the VI Division(g) are on fire. Prinzregent Luitpold(h) has just been straddled. The lead ships of the I Battle Squadron(i) are at the right.

In the game and scrolling this view, you can see 39 BBs, 5 CLs, and 5 DD Flotillas; a total of 78 ships. Because of the haze, you cannot now see the light forces behind the German line.

The corresponding battle events show that British armour is being penetrated at these ranges. We also note that our light forces are launching torpedoes. Although we know of straddling, hitting, and slowing the enemy, we don't get enough information to really know how badly they are being hurt. It is easy to be concerned by the damage we see being done to our own ships. We are also getting simultaneous reports from the battle cruisers currently involved about 20 miles to the South.

Tactical Events

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