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      River Plate

Battle of River Plate, View, Map and text annotations.

This is the critical point of the action off the River Plate. Harwood has split his force and closed into effective range. You see the Ajax shooting a full salvo(A) and the Achilles(B) barrel smoke from its previous round. The Exeter(C) is off to the left and on fire as a result of a very serious near miss by an 11" salvo. She has also taken on 390 tons of flooding. The Graf Spee(d) is seen firing a half salvo and is being straddled by 8" from Exeter. So far, the Achilles has achieved 8 hits from 336 rounds shot. The Exeter has not hit at all with 97 rounds shot. It is very difficult to know just how badly the Graf Spee has been hurt. She has been shifting fire back and forth between the CLs and the CA. That has certainly hurt her rate of fire and accuracy. It looked like the Graf Spee launched torpedos about 6 minutes ago. Given a closing range of 15ky, soon it will require a decision about combing their tracks.

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