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The 1st Battle of Guadalcanal

Battle of the 1st Guadalcanal, November 12, 1942

We are looking at the beginnings of a melee situation. On the map, you can see Cape Esperance (a), Tassafaronga Point (b),
Henderson Field (c), and Florida Island (d). In the battle view foreground you see from left to right the Atlanta (E), San Francisco (F),
Portland (G), Helena (H), and Juneau (I). In the background you see Savo Island (J). Helena with SG radar is targeting Yudachi (L)
at 17ky. But, Hiei and Kirishima at right (K) have already closed to 12ky.

Should we shift fire to the Bombardment group? They might not be able to see us now. The unaided visibility is only 7ky,
but the Helena can track targets at 20ky. On the map, you can see the outline of Helena's view sector. San Francisco has SC radar
and is targeting Nagara (M) at 8ky.

On the left side of the view are the 4 USN DDs (N) at range 6ky. In the center is an IJN DD flotilla (M) at 8ky. To our port quarter
are our 4 DDs (o) of the rear division. In that group, Fletcher has radar, but she is unable to acquire any target beyond 7ky. Fish are in the water.
All hell is about to break loose.

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