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In Europe:
    -"Do you speak English?"
    -"What is that?"  Pointing at a menu.
    -"Does this train go to _________?"

    -"Are you from the UK?"  (We were asked this frequently.

"How many days left?"  In reference to my imminent
quitting and leaving for Europe adventure.

    -"Does anyone have some suggestions?"
    -"Do you remember what I was going to say?"
    -"It snows in California?"

To Others:
    -"What!  What just happened?"
    -"What time is it?"
    -"What did you just say?"
    -"Are we there yet?"
    -"Can I borrow some money?"  (Just kidding)

To Myself:
    -"What the...?"
    -"Now what was I saying?"
    -"Why did I come in here?"
    -"What was that dream all about?" The nigh invulnerable Tick
    -"What is their problem?"

From Others                                                                :
    -"Are you talking to yourself?"
    -"What are you talking about?"
    -"Where's your bathroom?"

At Work:
    -"Where is the bathroom?"
    -"What isle did they move the crackers to?"
    -"Why did they move them there?"
    -"Do you have anymore in the back?"

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