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KERF--check out the "Things I Didn't Expect To Do" list at the bottom.

This list is inspired my favorite radio show, the episode called “Superpowers”.  (Go listen to it now you won’t regret it.)  A list like this is not for painting your house or even getting to be top dog at your company.  It's more about personal desires.  Be creative and think BIG.  Everybody should have list like this.

To Learn:
    Archery                                        Jedi Master Yoda
    Martial arts
    More computer stuff
    Scuba diving

To Go:
    Kayak the Amazon

Live in:
    A boat on the open ocean
    New York
    San Francisco
    The rain forest

To be:
    A writer/photographer/world traveler
    A museum curator
    A activity coordinator on a cruise ship

Things I Didn’t Expect to Do:

90% of life is “Subject to Change”.  As I have mentioned in other places, we can’t actually control our lives.  The most you can do is start in one direction and roll with the punches.  So while the first list is things I hope to accomplish, this list is things I’ve run into along the way.

    -Attend my parents wedding after 20 years of divorce.
    -Live in Kansas City for 5 years.
    -Go to Portugal
    -Learn how to use a compass and read maps (09/2002)
    -Learn the proper use of major power tools:
                            -table saw
                            -radial saw
                            -band saw

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