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I feel that it is my duty as a concerned citizen to warn the public of potential hazards to their mental health and well being.  Except in the case of extreme boredom and the chance of an earlier, cheaper showing I would steer away from the movie "League of Extraodinary Gentlemen"  Sean Connery really needs to stay away from scripts with sci-fi or fantasy elements as we have also witnessed the horror with "The Avengers".  Go at your own risk. 

We Are Anticipating Precipitation
“Clutter is political correctness gone amok.”  (William Zinsser, On Writing Well, page 15)  It is my personal pet peeve that our society is so full of noise.  With a consumer market economy we are deluged with advertisements and marketing agendas full of jingles, logos, and slogans.

Governments and corporations are the biggest offenders of this “verbal camouflage.”  A perfect example of this being Clinton’s testimony before the Senate during his impeachment hearings.  When the dot com I worked at told us that they were “restructuring” one third of the people I worked with were layed off that same day.

Some people may think it sounds more professional to say “anticipating precipitation” instead of “it might rain.”  Common sense tells you not to use bad English or slang in a business situation, but too often the effort to sound professional or knowledgeable results in useless rhetoric to cover up mistakes, avoid the truth, or manipulate people.

Integrity I think demands the removal of buzzwords, corporate gibberish, and government jargon.  Hiding behind cumbersome phrasing is simple cowardice.  Sometimes the longer we talk the deeper the hole gets.  Don’t cheapen true relationship or disrespect the power of words by overuse.

European Vacation
I'm baaacckkk.  Four weeks  would make any person want to go home.  We camped our way across Italy.  DO NOT go to Italy in July, unless you like the smell of your own sweat.  They have the best ice cream though, to make up for the heat I guess.  I took two rolls of film in Paris, and it was fun walking around but I will not need to go back there.  I never saw Berlin since we were in malls and movie theaters while there.  Don't let me forget to tell you about our failed attempt to get to Paris.  The small towns are better.  Like Verona where you can visit Juliet's house, fountains and grave.  Or Bath where there is not a single line of Chaucer to be found.  Amalfi, two hours south of Naples, is built into the side of the cliffs overlooking the Med.  Which everyone should swim in at least once.  I want to make a habit of it.  I will be putting some new pictures on by this time next week so be sure you come back for that.  I'll get to some specific stories when that happens.  For now know that all is well with the world once again.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s
I was curious okay.  My roommate really liked it.  She says it’s not a comedy, but thought it pretty funny.  Both in a funny ha ha and funny weird way.  I guess because I really don’t understand the 50’s.  The main character just did the weirdest most odd stuff.  Like not naming her cat, and climbing through people’s windows and falling asleep on their beds.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a traditional romantic.  It felt like a dream.  Unreality.  I think it’s more realistic about relationships then today’s romantic comedies.  WHATEVER.  It’s not a bad movie, so if your curiosity drives you go ahead and get it.  And if you have DVD, get it so you watch the original trailer, it’s hilarious.

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