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This page contains that which I love and hate most.  After number three everything is on equal ground pretty much.  So technically these lists don't have ten items on them, but just give me chance.


#1 This American Life
Often referred to as "My favorite radio show".  Funny, intelligent and all fantastic.  You can listen to the show on most NPR stations.  If you're like me I'm at work when it comes on so I go to the website and listen to the show.  The following is a list of recommendations.
                    -Who's Canadian?
                    -How to Win Friends and Influence People
                    -Urban Nature
                    -Simulated Worlds
                    -Kid Logic
                    -Plan B
                    -To the People of the Future
Go there NOW!  You won't regret it.

#2 The British Broadcasting Company (BBC)
The best source of News on the planet.  If you want to know what other people think about Americans, listen to their stuff.  If you want to know what happens on planet Earth that has nothing to do with America, take a look.

When I'm writing it is essential to have a dictionary and thesaurus nearby.  But when I'm away from home this is the place to go.  It's faster too.  You can flip back and forth between dictionary and thesaurus and they'll even send you a word a day to improve your vocabulary.

#4 Internet Movie Database
If there was anything you ever wanted to know about a the movies this is the place to go.  My favorite feature is when you look up a specific movie, then click on "Memorable quotes" on the left and it gives you quotes from that particular movie.

#5 Screen It
This site gives you a straight reporting of the contents of a movie.  It tells you the kind of language, intensity of violence and so on.  It's really meant for parents to monitor what they have their kids see, but I like it because I don't like intense gross things.  So it allows me to know ahead of time if I want to spend the eight dollars or not.

#6 Coming Attractions by Corona
If you like to be in the know about movies this is the place to go.  They get their information from inside sources that they try to verify.

#7 The
For Star Wars fans this site is the best.  I like the humor section and the fan fiction films available on the site.

#8 Transformers: Mirror Verse
I ran into this site by accident.  But if you are a fan of Generation 1 this is an entertaining site.  A sort of "What if..." of Transformers.  My favorite part is the take on Bumblebee and Spike.

#9  The Redshaw Family Website
This one keeps me connected with some of my favorite people.  =)

#10  Lost Machine
This website is hosted by a friend of mine who has been pictured on this very website.  Kudos to Andy.


Media Icons

1) Indiana Jones
2) Optimus Prime (Transformers)
3) The Tick (as himself)
4) Jubilee (X-men)
5) Corban Dallas (Fifth Element)
6) Neo (Matrix)
7) Maximus (Gladiator)
8) Ethan Powell (Instinct)



1) Hook
2) Mulan
3) Gladiator
4) Empire Strikes Back
5) Instinct
6) Knights Tale
7) Fifth Element
8) Black Stallion Returns
9) Ferris Beuller



1) Stars.
   The Orion constellation is my personal favorite.  Stars remind me of the greatness of God.  The infinite sky instills a sense of wonder I love so much.

2) Dreams
   I dream a lot.  I love dreaming.  The sensational stuff that is possible in dreams is awesome.  Flying, swimming, motorcycles.  When I don't dream I really miss it.

3) Fireflies
   The first time I saw fireflies I was on my balcony looking over the back yard of my apartment.  Tiny pinpoints of light everywhere.  Wonder.

4) Snowflakes
   It blows my mind that no snowflake is ever the same.  There different kinds of snowflakes depending on the moisture content.  The power that they have any to transform a forest.  If they have melted and frozen again a little bit they  sparkle like diamonds in the sun.

5) Sunsets
   Again no two sunsets are alike.  But clod formations and the intense range of color are awe inspiring.

6) Stingrays
   They always have a smile.  They swim in the, something I look forward to.  They are graceful and elegant.

7) Penguins
   They are good dressers, they waddle and are just plain cute.  Birds who defy their phylum.

8) Plate Tectonics
   Shift happens.  The solid rock beneath your feet, has this nasty habit of moving around while you work and play.  FREAKY!

9) Weather
   Clouds, rain, wind, hurricanes, ice ages and so on.  Life on Earth is dangerous and unpredictable.

10) The Human Body
   Talk to an occupational therapist and you will be amazed at what is really involved when getting in and out of your bath tub.  Two words for you--endocrine system.  That's just the beginning.


Things Most Loathed

1) Fads
If everybody “loves it” or “is doing it” I am instantly repelled no matter how good something may actually be.  I saw Gladiator and Matrix before “you had to see it”, otherwise I would have stubbornly written them both off.

2) Labels
Humans have this uncontrollable compulsion to label absolutely everything in their world.  Labeling is an attempt to control the world we live in.  If it has a name it can be dealt with.  No mater how hard we try we will never achieve the control that makes us feel safe so get over it.  Letting go of it is a greater control, for the things no longer hold our time and attention.

3) Titanic the Movie
I hate this movie more then any other.  Who cares about all those people who actually died in this disaster, what about Rose and Jack.  UGH!  If I was God, this movie would have never existed.

4) American History/Egyptology
I wouldn't hate the subjects so much if the same information had not been beaten into my head from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  Whatever happened in China or Russia or the Middle East.  Forget Western civilization.  I think it's rather snobby of us to never even study other civilizations.  Which leads me to another complaint...

5) The American Education System
Did I ever hear a thing about the Barbarian invasions, the Norman Conquest or even World War !?  NO!!!

6) Political Correctness
A tool used for blame shifting and avoiding responsibility.  It’s crap.

7) Government
I think government has it's place.  Maybe when you get into politics you do it for the people.  To make things right, ya know.  But there comes a point when you have to fight to keep your position or to move up and then it's a war you wage to keep your reputation and career in tact.   I'm an advocate of smaller communities.  Human corruption exists in every society and at every level, but when on a smaller scale it's easier to deal with.

8) Brussel Sprouts
I like vegetables, but this one is just plain disgusting.

9) Neo-Patriotism
If you were an all American hero before 9/11 great.  But if not I find it hypocritical to display 15 flags on your property when before you thought it was a lot drivel to do such a thing.

10) Echo Songs
If you are familiar at all with church worship music you may be familiar with those songs where the men sing one line and then the women sing after them either as an echo of continuing theme thing.  Whatever.   I can't stand those songs, I always sing with the guys.



1) Hummus (Thank you Amy BW)
2) Cantaloupe
3) Pizza
4) Filet Mignon
5) Teriyaki anything (w/o the pineapple)
6) Spaghetti
7) Garlic bread
8) Cereal

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