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Tee shirt Quilt Services

Cost is $25 per shirt + backing fabric + binding fabric + batting. You provide the shirts and tell me fabric color preference and I do the rest. Basic meander quilting is standard. I use quality stabilizer with tee shirts. Machine embroidered labels, embroidery panels, specialty thread, pantographs, borders, hanging sleeves, and other specialty items, are available upon request for an extra charge.
Life event and Memory Quilts

Want to celebrate someone's special day or preserve reminders of life events?  I can provide pre-cut muslin squares with instructions.  You then give the squares to people to create a personalized quilt square.  I take it from there.

You can preserve certain stages of a child's or loved one's life by having a quilt made from their clothing.  It's fun for them to see their loved items reappear in a quilt.  Just bring your items to me and we will find a way to include it in the quilt.

Contact me for a consultation and pricing.

Memorial Quilts

Memorial quilts are art quilts that are completely customized paths to comfort and provide peace and joy in the memories and moments contained in the quilt.  Many people use these quilts to memorialize a loved one who has passed on.  By using articles of clothing or other fabrics associated with the loved one, it completely transforms the quilt in something magical.  Each quilt is unique and reflects both th loved one being memorialized and the recipient of the quilt.  I try to gain understanding of both the person to whom the quilt is given and the person being remembered when I consult with you.  The result is a beautiful piece of fabric art which will be cherished and loved for years to come.  

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What type of quilting is desired?
Comments, questions, or instructions about quilting designs
Pantograph or Design Shape Preference
Is there any quilting design you dislike?
Do you want the binding prepared by me?
Do you want a label prepared and attached?
Do you want me to attach a hanging sleeve?
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