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Insights on events of my memory

Sweden's Archipelago
Copyright - Leann McClain 2004

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, and his steadfast love endures forever!  Psalm 107:1
God be praised for all the magnificent things He has done for me!

Leann Carlson McClain
December 14, 1975
C hrist, the baby, the source of our joy, gives us
H ope of the salvation of our souls.
R eminding us of His coming in Advent, He fulfills the prophecies of old.
I mmanuel is coming soon!  Rejoice in Him for He is good!
S aviour, how humble is Thy birth in the manger's arms.
T each us Thy salvation and
M ake us remember you in this
A dvent's preparatory anticipation....
S eason of joy and happiness.


Sometimes things in life inspire me to write down words to help me process what happens around me.  Here are some of my thoughts on events that have happened in my lifetime. 




Impressions on the death of

 President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

     on November 22, 1963




American liberty, freedom, happiness…

The white flag of truce waves solemnly…

White liberty,

White freedom,

White happiness,

Yet red blood.

Blood spatters on the white, pure flag.

The great red, white, and blue waves sadly;

Waves goodbye to the President.


A painful, limping motorcade cries;

Cries as it frantically brings the cheerless to the white hospital.

Tears help none, except to run the red blood in streaks on the white flag.

The red and white stripes wave gently

over the motorcade while it stands guarded outside the hospital.


Blue stars shine dimly overhead as the night begins.

The stars weep silently in the darkness;

The darkness of a widow and children weeping.

The darkness of a nation roused by death.

The darkness of Mommy telling her little ones Daddy can’t come home.

Dark, blue stars on red and white stripes.


The proud flag waves gently in the breeze;

Waves over the calm, green cemetery.

The casket now may sleep peacefully in the ground,

And the liberty bell tolls in mourning.


Leann E. Carlson

Copyright November 19, 1975



Impressions on the exchange of cultures.


The Year of Our Exchange

by Leann McClain


Maria came into our lives as quick as the blink of an eye.

We didn’t plan to have her here, but God had other things in mind.

He placed her here within our midst, and before we could say “Why?”

She blew into our little home as the wind blows in the sky.


We didn’t know what happened when one day she entered here

Our lives were changed forever because she added one more dimension we hadn’t known.

Our Becky came home from school one day and said a girl needed a home.

Her new family was moving away and she only wanted to stay.

Before I knew what I had done, I said “Why not?”

The next week it came to be and then she became part of our little family.


I knew she didn’t believe as I, no matter, God loves her, anyway.

Perhaps she’s that angel He sends sometimes from Heaven to me and you.

We never know where He walks in and visits us – just does.

We may not know whom we entertain, just treat all as family.


Perhaps she’s here to learn of Him?  Perhaps to teach me love.

What e’re the reason she’s here with us, I know God planned that, too.

Perhaps it’s for me she’s here – to learn how to give more love.

Perhaps – no, it’s no accident she came here to be with us.


He doesn’t give us life to waste

He gave us life to use to His glory.

What scientist can explain how to make a cell from scratch? 

God must be amused.

They clone what is already there and claim it now theirs.

I cannot believe some accident in space created magnificence to enjoy.

Can science explain how that big tree got there in the beginning?

By looking at our universe, one cannot help but see

That God, in His almighty wisdom and power, would have to make that tree.

Only God can explain all of that –

Beauty in all of creation, science cannot do all of that!

Our lovely Maria is not an accident – she’s God’s own creation for us to love.

Can one really believe that man evolved through monkeys after all?

Were apes just accidentally here, the way they want us to believe?


God gives us mortals love, to share,

God gives us love, to live

God gives us grace, to be with Him

God gives us eternity, for bliss.


Her being here has forced me to affirm what I already knew.

That in our lives God has a plan for all – for me and you.

He places events within our reach that prove He is our God.

He uses us for His mighty plan, to reach all with whom we touch.


Who would have thought we’d have this girl among us for a year?

Who would have used us for such a plan?

No one but God knew that.

We’ve shared our lives – too much sometimes – but living here she’s learned about our lives, religion and culture,

Perhaps she’ll carry us with her?


God has a plan for her, too, though she would not agree.

One day, I pray she’ll know that God above loves her much more than I can love.

He loves us all, whether we love Him or not, He cares about each one.

He grieves each time that we do wrong, but loves us anyway.

His love is never ending, His love faultless and free.

His love caring and beautiful as love can ever be.

He gave His Son after all to free us from our sin.


When Maria leaves a void will come

One that cannot be filled up with anyone else,

She is unique and we love her as our own.


Maria, please come back again and do not bid us farewell.

We will see you sometime in the future and we know not when.

Rest assured you are in our prayers, as our flesh and blood daughters are.

You are so special, yes, you are.

You mean so much to us.

We have our differences, of that is certain, but our love bridges culture sure enough.

Perhaps one day you’ll enter our door with that smile you so often carry.

We leave our key in your heart, please keep it safe and keep in touch.

We love you,







Impressions on the importance a good, close friendship.



Leann's Marching Band Buddies
Leann in Malmö, Sweden in June 2004