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Mark's Page

I am a music teacher in a public school in small town Texas.  I serve as a music director and organist for a church nearby.  I am certified in school administration.  I hold a Master's degree in Educational administration from SWTSU, San Marcos, TX, now known as Texas State University. 
I enjoy working with small woodworking projects, traveling, and spending time with family and spoiling the grandchildren. 
Items I make are available for purchase.  If you wish to purchase any of my items you may contact me at Crafts in the Pines.
I grew up in Nokomis, Florida, near Venice.  I went to school at Venice High School, and following high school went to Concordia University (formerly Concordia Teacher's College) in Seward, Nebraska.  There I met my wife and following graduation we lived in Nokomis, FL for a couple of months and then on to Denver, CO where I taught school for 4 years.  I then worked at May D & F, and a couple of banks.  I decided I enjoyed teaching too much to stay away, so we moved to Key West, Florida for a year and then moved again to Giddings, TX.  In August of 1997 I received my Master's degree in Educational Administration.  I have served as principal at 2 schools since 1997.  We have lived in this community since 1983.  We moved my parents and brother to live with us in 2003.  
I enjoy going to football games, doing small wood projects, using the computer, and good music.  I especially enjoy playing the organ and listening to talk show radio on commutes to and from places I go.

Here are some favorites of mine:

Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

The Ten Commandments, Sound of Music, Riki Tiki Tavi, and
James Bond, James Bond, James Bond (need I say more?)

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
J.S. Bach organ music
Baroque music of all types

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