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Want to make practicing fun? Get Smart Music!

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Musical terms dictionary

Free music dictionary from the iTunes store

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Garage Band app for PC

Why use Garageband? | Garageband for PC

Before you start downloading Garageband, I guess you should have an idea why to choose to download Garageband.

Garageband has been termed as an iconic music-making tool for all PC users.
It is a complete professional studio package for all music lovers.
It allows the users to play more than 100 software instruments.
A few beats here and a few loops there, then leave the rest for Garageband and it will craft great sounding songs with those beats and loops.
Garageband has more than 1000 loops from which to choose.
It not only permits using virtual instrument but also allows users to play a live instrument.
It provides an excellent level of audio capture and editing.
It has a user-friendly interface.
Garageband provides a good working environment as it keeps the track lists in good order.


Free metronome app

Free metronome app, great as a practice tool.

Want to encourage your child's newfound band interest?  Here is a website that can help you find ways to make sure your child succeeds in team band!
Want to encourage creative juices?  Download this inexpensive music software to your computer and get those juices flowing!
Finale Notepad To try it is a free download, and for $9.95 you can buy it.  Finale  Reader allows you to see, play, and print files written with Finale. 
Organizations to which I belong are Texas Music Educator's Association      TMEA
and the Association of Texas Small Schools Bands   ATSSB

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"Music students have before them the opportunity to be "better than the average bear", as a colleague of mine was fond of saying. Being part of a performing music ensemble helps them grow into magnificent people willing to see a task through to its completion, to sacrifice their indivduality for the benefit of a group, and to seek out beauty, depth, and quality in their world. The rewards of long-term involvement with music are fantastic. Finding ways to get students past that initial difficult skill-building phase to the realm where they can be creative and expressive is where the true artistry of a music educator comes in.  Music education needs to be more than just "fun and games". It has the ability to significantly enrich the lives of those committed to its study. Music education also needs to be more than just "prepare for the next public performance". Developing the skills necessary to perform well is only one facet of what it means to be a well-rounded musician. Performance only can only carry the student so far, and it certainly does not make the vast majority of students life-long participants in the art form."  quote from Thomas J. West Music blog