Concordia Historical Institute Microfilm N

Transcribed by Gloria Dettleff - Copyright 2001
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NAME DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death Father Mother  NAME Spouse Marriage Date Marriage Location Comment NAME NAME Baptism Sponsors Record Type
NASE, Alma   ~1899 Armour, SD/Works in Asyl.     Unk Unk, Unk NASE, Alma FRIBOURGHOUSE, Rudolph R. 10 Mar 1920 Yankton Co., SD Wit. Ezekial RAY & Hilda NASE NASE, Alma NASE, Alma   M
NELSON, Chester J.   ~1911 Yankton, SD     Unk Unk, Unk NELSON, Chester J. MADSEN, Marie K. 28 Oct 1933 Yankton County, SD Wit. Edwin HOLSETKER & Annie MADSEN NELSON, Chester J. NELSON, Chester J.   M
NELSON, Lawrence Andrew 19 Jun 19xx Yankton County, SD     Chester J. MADSEN, Marie NELSON, Lawrence Andrew Unk, Unk       NELSON, Lawrence Andrew NELSON, Lawrence Andrew Mr. & Mrs. Andrew MADSEN B
NELSON, Leane Kirsten Katharine  7 Sep 1909 Yankton County, SD     Not listed KOCH, Unk NELSON, Leane Kirsten Katharine Unk, Unk       NELSON, Leane Kirsten Katharine NELSON, Leane Kirsten Katharine Mr.& Mrs. Chr. KOCH B
NEUHAUS, Alvin H.   ~1911 Crighton, NE     Unk Unk, Unk NEUHAUS, Alvin H. TUSHA, Vernice R. 10 Oct 1936 Yankton County, SD Wit. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence J. PICKETT NEUHAUS, Alvin H. NEUHAUS, Alvin H.   M
NEUHAUS, Rose Lillian   ~1901 Pierce, NE     Unk Unk, Unk NEUHAUS, Rose Lillian CHECK, Victor E.  9 Sep 1932 Yankton County, SD Wit. Mr. & MRs. H. NEUHAUS NEUHAUS, Rose Lillian NEUHAUS, Rose Lillian   M
NIEDERWOERDER, Anna Catharina 23 Jan 1881 Unk     Heinrich HOEKE, Wilhelmine NIEDERWOERDER, Anna Catharina Unk, Unk       NIEDERWOERDER, Anna Catharina NIEDERWOERDER, Anna Catharina Michael SONNENBERG & Carl KOCH B
NIEDERWOERDER, August Karl  6 Dec 1883 Unk     Heinrich HOEKE, Wilhelmine NIEDERWOERDER, August Karl Unk, Unk       NIEDERWOERDER, August Karl NIEDERWOERDER, August Karl Michael SONNENBERG & Carl KOCH B
NIEDERWOERDER, Herman Heinrich 30 May 1876 Unk     Heinrich HOEKE, Wilhelmine NIEDERWOERDER, Herman Heinrich Unk, Unk       NIEDERWOERDER, Herman Heinrich NIEDERWOERDER, Herman Heinrich Michael SONNENBERG & Carl KOCH B
NIEDERWORDER, Heinrich 21 Nov 1870 Unk     Heinrich Unk, Unk NIEDERWORDER, Heinrich Unk, Unk       NIEDERWORDER, Heinrich NIEDERWORDER, Heinrich Confirmed - 27 Mar 1892 C
NIEDERWÖRDER, Heinrich ~22 Nov 1834 Unk  6 May 1903 Yankton County, SD Unk Unk, Unk NIEDERWÖRDER, Heinrich HOEKE, Wilhelmine Unk Unk Sur: 5 sons, 3 daughters/ buried in Yankton, SD NIEDERWÖRDER, Heinrich NIEDERWÖRDER, Heinrich Died of cancer D
NIEDERWÖRDER, Maria 11 Apr 1875 Unk 13 Sep 1925 Yankton County, SD Heinrich Unk, Unk NIEDERWÖRDER, Maria None, None None   Sur: 5 bros, 2 NIEDERWÖRDER, Maria NIEDERWÖRDER, Maria Confirmed - 26 Mar 1893/died of heart disease C, D
NIEDERWORDER, Wilhelmine 22 Nov 1871 Unk     Heinrich Unk, Unk NIEDERWORDER, Wilhelmine Unk, Unk       NIEDERWORDER, Wilhelmine NIEDERWORDER, Wilhelmine Confirmed - 27 Mar 1892 C
NIELAND, Arthur Ellsworth 25 May 1897 Yankton County, SD     Wilhelm MEDSEN, Anna NIELAND, Arthur Ellsworth Unk, Unk       NIELAND, Arthur Ellsworth NIELAND, Arthur Ellsworth Hermann & Julia KITZMANN B
NIELAND, Harry Eduard 14 Jul 1895 Yankton County, SD     Wilhelm MADSEN, Anna NIELAND, Harry Eduard Unk, Unk       NIELAND, Harry Eduard NIELAND, Harry Eduard Conrad MADSEN, Anna NIELAND B
NIELAND, Heinrich ~22 Jun 1832 Unk 24 Dec 1890 Yankton County, SD Unk Unk, Unk NIELAND, Heinrich Unk, Unk Unk Unk Survived by widow & 3 children NIELAND, Heinrich NIELAND, Heinrich Widow is member of Yankton church - 1 Jan 1911 D, Reg-Y
NIELAND, Henriette  3 Jun 1894 Yankton County, SD     Wilhelm MEDISEN, Anna NIELAND, Henriette Unk, Unk       NIELAND, Henriette NIELAND, Henriette Maria MEDISEN, Arthur TOGERSEN B
NIELAND, Wilhelm 17 Oct 1867 Unk     Heinrich Unk, Unk NIELAND, Wilhelm MADSEN, Annie 14 Dec 1891 Yankton County, SD Wit.Fr.SCHENDEL,HermKITZMANN,Joha & Maria MADSEN NIELAND, Wilhelm NIELAND, Wilhelm Confirmed -29 Mar 1885 M
NIELAND, Wilhelm   Unk Yankton County, SD     Unk Unk, Unk NIELAND, Wilhelm JUHNKE, Wilhelmine  7 Jun 1891 Yankton Co., SD Wit. Adolph & Auguste RAHN NIELAND, Wilhelm NIELAND, Wilhelm   M
NIELSEN, Kay Marelyn  8 Dec 19xx Yankton County, SD     Richard FIEDLER, Mathilda NIELSEN, Kay Marelyn Unk, Unk       NIELSEN, Kay Marelyn NIELSEN, Kay Marelyn Raymond & Josephine CULVER B
NIELSEN, Keith Richard 30 Sep 19xx Yankton     Richard FIEDLER, Mathilda NIELSEN, Keith Richard Unk, Unk       NIELSEN, Keith Richard NIELSEN, Keith Richard Carl FIEDLER & Mable HOODEN B
NIELSEN, Sonia   ~1917 Norfolk, NE     Unk Unk, Unk NIELSEN, Sonia APKING, Clarence A. 13 Jun 1936 Yankton County, SD Wit.ArnoldANDERSON(Ibert,NE?),TwilaGILDERSLEEVE-Ha NIELSEN, Sonia NIELSEN, Sonia   M
NIELSEN, Unnamed girl  <16 Mar 1930 Unk 16 Mar 1930 Yankton County, SD Richard Unk, Unk NIELSEN, Unnamed girl None, None     Sur: Parents NIELSEN, Unnamed girl NIELSEN, Unnamed girl   D
NISSEN, Nomen ~ 6 Jul 1824 Unk 23 Apr 1903 Yankton County, SD Unk Unk, Unk NISSEN, Nomen LIST, Unk Unk Unk In-laws=Jens LIST & Lucile NISSEN NISSEN, Nomen NISSEN, Nomen Died of cancer D
NUSS, Caroline   ~1881 Lyman County, SD     Unk Unk, Unk NUSS, Caroline FIEDLER, Johann 26 Jan 1906 Yankton Co., SD Wit. Peter SCHOCK & Martin FIEDLER NUSS, Caroline NUSS, Caroline   M
NAME DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death Father Mother  NAME Spouse Marriage Date Marriage Location Comment NAME NAME Baptism Sponsors Record Type

This database was created by extracting the data from Concordia Historical Institute's Microfilm #1828.  This microfilm contains the combined records of the Lutheran churches of Rosenberg, Walshtown and Yankton, South Dakota from approximately 1882 to 1937.  Marriages and deaths are all inclusive with births stopping at 31 Dec 1930.  These microfilmed records were compiled in a confusing manner making it difficult to always match a person to a church.   The Record Type is indicated with the following abbreviations:                      B = Birth/Baptism; C = Confirmation; Com = Communion; M = Marriage; D = Death/Burial; Reg = Family Register church unclear; Reg-R = Family Register Rosenberg;  Reg-W = Family Register Walshtown and  Reg-Y = Family Register Yankton.  The early records are written in 1800s script-style German, which presented a challenge for transcribing.  The records are transcribed "as-is" in the German spelling (Heinrich not Henry) and sometimes as a "best guess."   This database may not be reproduced in full or in part as a part of a for-profit publication.