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Site Map

Home Page : This page explains the purpose of the EYEGK site. Information is presented by citing some practical events/questions. They have hyperlinks in them, to access that interesting information in one click! Also use the navigational bars on the top or on your left to browse through ton of information about the eye...!!

Eye Anatomy : Select this Page to get information about structure of eye and its working.

Eye Exam : This section of the site deals with the basics of eye testing. It covers such aspects as simple checking of "number" to Angiography. The base "Eye Exam"  page gives basic introduction to each different eye exam. Then select the one you want to know in detail from the navigation bar on your left. You have following choices to select from:

Visual Acuity Tests/Refraction/ Slit Lamp/ Color Vision/ Eye Pressure/ Visual Fields/ FFA/ Fundus Exam/A Scan/ Instruments/ Legal Blindness

Eye Problems

Eyelid: Ectropion/Itchy eyelid/Droopy eyelid
Cornea: Cornea/ Corneal infection/ Corneal problems
Conjunctiva: Conjunctivitis/Allergic Conjunctivitis/ Conjunctivitis in New born/ Pterygium 
Iris: Iris Anatomy/ Iritis/ Red eye
Lens: Anatomy/cataract/Cataract Management/ IOL
Glaucoma :glaucoma/Detection/symptoms/Management/
Refractive Error: Refractive Errors/Spectacles/Contact lenses/RK /Laser/ Other ways of correction
Retina: Retinal Anatomy/Retinal Detachment/Retinal tumors/Night blindness
Macula: Macular Structure/Macular problems/Aging of Macula/Low Vision Aids
Eye Injury
Squint: About eye muscles/Cross-eyed ness / Treatment
Optic Nerve: Structure/ Problems

Systemic DiseasesHow the eye is affected in diseases primarily affecting other systems of the body

Child Eye : Children have eye problems that are unique, they deserve a separate discussion.

Eye Exam/ Cataract/ Corneal problems/ Glaucoma/ Premature Child/ Coloboma/ Squint/ Watering Eye/ Droopy eye

Eye Transplant: What is eye transplant, when is it indicated and details about the procedures and surgery.


Healthy Habits : How to keep your eyes healthy?

Healthy Habits/ Dietary Chart/ Acupressure/ Computers/

FAQ: No question is too trivial to ask! Take a look at the eye queries faced by our visitors.


Fun Facts: That's interesting and entertaining to know!
Search Page: Cannot find it by your self? Take help!


Guest Book :Your feedback helps us improve. You can even ask a question and it will be answered!

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