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Pediatric Ophthalmology

The branch of ophthalmology dealing with eye disease of children is called Pediatric Ophthalmology. Children can be affected by the same diseases as the adult, but some diseases are characteristic of children. Therefore have a special place here. 



Birth to 1 month


1 month to 1 year


1-3 years


Around puberty


Development of the eye -

The eye starts developing 2-3 weeks after conception. 

That is before the pregnancy is diagnosed!

It starts out as an extension of the brain, therefore many ocular tissues are derived from the nerve tissues. While some of them are derived from the ectodermal or outermost layer of the developing embryo. By the time the baby is born, the formation is complete but development and maturation continues.


Visual Acuity

Full term New-born

 Upto 6 feet    

Pupils respond to light

4-6 weeks old

Visual field 30% of adult.

Fix and follow large objects/light

3 months

Visual ability improves rapidly

Wide range of follow, responds to mom's face.

Upto 1 year



3 years

 6/6 or 20/20  

Normal adult vision

The exact meaning of certain terms:

Congenital means present since birth.

Genetic means determined by the genes.

Hereditary means inherited due to typical genetic makeup of parents and family.

Developmental means develops later in life.




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