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Eye Pressure
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Eye Exams

Are you sweet 16, looking forward to getting your `freedom`- the driving license?

Are you beginning your new employment?

Are you 40, trying to read your story book ?

One thing common, to achieving all above is Eye exams!

So before you face it, want to know what will happen in it? A standard eye exam consists of :

Visual acuity testing




Colour vision test

Fundus exam, to see the inside of the eye.

Eye pressure test

If found necessary other tests like 

Refraction to find out any 'number' (refractive error)

Slit-lamp Exam for magnified view of the eye

Visual fields Testing

Fluorescein Angiography (FFA)

and such other tests can be carried out.

How frequently should I get my eyes tested?

The frequency depends on the category you fit into-



With no refractive error


Children 3-13 years

Once a year

20-39 years 

Once in 3-5 years

40-64 years   

Once in 2-4 years.



With refractive error


less than +/- 4 Dsp.

Once every year.

more than +/- 4dsp.

Every 6 months-1 year



Adults more than 65 years

Once every year.

The above table shows the minimum requirement, the exams should be more frequent if advised by the attending doctor.



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