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Many times we have lots of questions in our mind, but there is no source to get the information. The doctors do not have time to explain enough, you feel shy to ask - So here you are, at just the right place, to get all the information about the eye. Click On the Image To Get the Relevant Topic.....!!!For the fullest achievement of our potential, we need healthy eyes. The aim of the site, EYEGK is to give you information about the eye. It is for on-going health education. Don't ignore this most vital square inch of your body!

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Computers are my profession. Computers are my leisure. Will this affect my eyes? I have been diagnosed with Cataract. My daughter is getting married next month. Can the Surgery wait?
The doctors said my grand daughter has Convergence Excess. Tell me more..... I have been diagnosed with Diabetes. What is its relation to my Eyes?
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Our baby is premature and the doctors have told us to get her eyes examined. Tell me why? I am seeing black floating insect-like things when I look at a blank wall...
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